Thirsty Thursday: White Rabbit

Since it’s still a little cool outside, I thought this drink was appropriate, and it will definitely warm you up!  The name is so fitting, during this Easter season.  Hope you enjoy it!  I found it on

.5oz Amaretto
.5oz Coffee Liqueur
1oz Half and Half
.5oz Irish Cream
1oz White Rum
Shake all ingredients and pour into an old-fashioned glass.

And you know I couldn’t resist thinking of what I would wear if I were drinking this right now.

Laid back and comfortable!

I’m really loving the Michael Kors watches right now.  The only problem….too many choices!  Ahh!  My friend gave herself one for her 30th birthday.  Great idea!  May have to do that myself…too bad my 30th birthday isn’t until December…

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