Thirsty Thursday: Sunbeam Cocktail and W’s Birthday

Today is National Pink Day!  Are you wearing yours?  With this week’s cocktail and W’s party photos (I apologize ahead of time for the number of photos), you’ll be seeing some pink!  And if you want to see even more pink…and green, link up with Trish!

We had a great time at W’s party on Saturday, the weather was beautiful all day (as you’ll see from the start), and then about ten minutes into the party, all of our decorations from outside had to be pulled down, and hurried inside.  A severe thunderstorm hit, right as the party started, the power flickered on and off twice, but thankfully we didn’t lose it!  We definitely made the most of it, but our poor house was jam-packed with everyone, and the hubs ended up grilling burgers out in the rain.  After seeing the photos, you’ll see how crammed tight it was.  Needless to say, the hubs and I agreed for the next birthday, we’re celebrating it away…no clean-up, less organization, no worries about the weather, and we get to come home to a clean house..and maybe this delicious cocktail, too.  Sounds lovely!

The happy birthday girl!
So determined to hold up three fingers.

The lovely hydrangeas from my mom’s yard (for the tabletop centerpieces in the yard)…
that wouldn’t be, because of the storm.

Plastic-ware, wrapped and ready

Couldn’t forget a little Lilly…here…
…and here!

The happy sisters, enjoying the pre-party preparations.

The cake was by Edible Art (where my wedding cake was from), it’s DIVINE!
The flavor was even almond – just couldn’t resist. W wanted a Barbie cake,
so I found the little Barbie at Target, and added it.

I think she was pretty pleased.

Amid the craziness…

Almost all of the sisters…
The youngest is in Barcelona, arriving home tomorrow (after a month’s visit – lucky girl!)
During the chaos, this sweet little one (three weeks old), slept through the entire party!
The spread, moved indoors…we managed.

Playing with her friends.

Worn out!
Hope y’all have a great Thursday!


Here’s the order of the sisters, from yesterday’s photo.  Congrats to those of you who guessed it correctly!  NO congrats to those of you who know us, and already know the order.  Just kidding!

(From Sister #4’s bridesmaid luncheon, back in January 2009)

13 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Sunbeam Cocktail and W’s Birthday

  1. you and your sisters are all so pretty! o my gosh such a cute set up for the party-I love everything from the gorgeous cake, to the coozies, to the wrapped up silverware. So organized yet adorable! and the girls look so cute as always.

  2. Were those mini hamburgers? They look delicious and so cute. What kind of bread did you all use for the bun? The birthday party details were perfect. Loved that cake, and of course, the bday girl was adorable!

  3. I loved this post! I always like to put tons of pictures in my posts as well so I appreciate when other people do too!

    Your girls are so darling, I love those matching dresses! The birthday cake you had was adorable, I love the pink and orange, so fun. The hydrangeas you had looked really pretty as well…seems like the rain didn't dampen the fun!

    Also how did I not know that it is National Pink Day?!?

  4. you always have the best drink recipes…where do you find them all?!?

    your girls are so cute in their lilly shifts (one of my fav prints from summer2011 line)

  5. What a happy happy day and so many joyous faces! You're lucky to have so many sisters – a sorority of friends for life!

    Your little ones are precious – such adorableness!

    Visiting from P&G Thursday!
    Am a very new Follower, too :o)

    Best Wishes,


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