Thirsty Thursday: Peach Surrender

So today’s cocktail looks super yummy, and yes, I’ll surrender to peaches any day of the week.  Love them, especially peach cobbler – one of my all time faves – warm peach cobbler and ice cream – YUM!  And growing up, I would always get Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples at dinner because I loved grenadine so much.  True fact, when I first began drinking liquor I would get the bartender to add grenadine to whatever cocktail I was drinking, to cut down on how strong the liquor tasted.  I’m dead serious.  Shirley Temples, with vodka, anyone?  Anyone?  So this drink recipe sounds like I’ll definitely be trying it soon!

Oh, and just to reiterate what I stated here, all of these cocktails were found on the lovely Pink Preppy Lilly Lover‘s blog, a couple of weeks ago.  Miss Trish posted all of them, and I’m spotlighting one each week, throughout the summer.  Cheers!

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How fitting would wearing this pink and green ensemble be,
while sipping your Peach Surrender?

Happy Thirsty Thursday!
Clink! Clink!
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You are too sweet!
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Yesterday’s location was Muir Woods, out in California.  Nice work to those of you who guessed it correctly!  I still can’t believe how tall those trees were.  And yes, as some of you noticed, my hair used to be blond for a period.  I’d love to do it again, but definitely can’t afford it, with the money and time it takes to keep that up!  I was getting it colored and highlighted every four weeks!!

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