Thirsty Thursday: Milk

Sorry, no fun drink this week, lame, I know, but I HAD to post this instead.  So we’ll say this week’s drink is MILK…it does a body good!  Gisele’s body is ridiculous, after just having a baby!  Read more of the article here.  Gag!  Only a supermodel, and only someone who has enough money and time to do kung fu and yoga during pregnancy can look like this, post-pregnancy.  I seriously thought Heidi Klum was the only one that could actually pull this off.  Ha!  And impressive husbands, to boot.  These girls have some major secrets they’re not sharing.
WARNING, these photos by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue magazine are going to make you sick!
The one of her galloping on a horse just SIX weeks after giving birth doesn’t even make sense!  I’ve had two babies and there’s no way I’d get on a horse that soon!  CRAZINESS!?

Look at that stomach!
And yes, these are really photos of her.  If you don’t believe me, and to see more photos, go here.  

Who knows?  Maybe Gisele will inspire some pregnant women to start up kung fu, only to be completely depressed afterward, realizing that it’s still not going to help them rebound after having a baby.

5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Milk

  1. Wow! I didn't know it was possible for your stomach to look like that 6 weeks after a baby. Makes me sick… and a little jealous!

  2. That is just completely unnatural…or at least that's what I'll say to make myself feel better! 🙂

    Truth be told, I'm not sure of the difference between the XS and the XSi on the Canon Rebel – sorry! I remember asking about the two when I picked out the camera at a local camera shop (the salesmen really know their stuff), and they told me for what I wanted to do, I really only needed the XS (I think the XSi is a couple hundred dollars more).

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