Thirsty Thursday: The Lady Sybil (Crawley)

Alright, so I’ve obviously been on a Downton Abbey kick this week.  I apologize for those of you not viewing the series, I’ll be back to regular preppy posting tomorrow, with my Spring Lilly favorites!
My friend Amanda emailed this yummy cocktail to me, and I knew I had to use it for my Thirsty Thursday post this week.  Enjoy!

The Lady Sybil

From The Kitchn: “Now that Downton Abbey season 2 is over, we’re all waiting with bated (pun intended) breath to see what will happen in season 3. Until then, enjoy a little break from the action…and enjoy a cocktail inspired by your favorite British drama.
Sybil, the youngest, and my (and maybe your) personal favorite. Sybil is so easy to like…she’s sweet without being saccharine, headstrong, and a bit stubborn. For her, I created a cocktail with delicate, rarefied flavors (St. Germain and champagne) that’s grounded with something a bit more everyman (London dry gin). The end product is sweet, lovely, and stronger than you’d expect.”
Makes 1 cocktail
1 oz gin
3/4 oz St. Germain elderflower liqueur
Brut champagne, chilled

Combine the gin and St. Germain over ice. Shake and strain into a flute. Top with champagne.
Be prepared, I’ve heard it’s strong!
Has anyone else received their Elizabeth McKay items from her Rue La La sale?  I got mine in yesterday, and was very pleased with all of my items.  The trench cape is so unique – and very Downton Abbey if I do say so myself…wish I would have picked it up in the camel color, as well.
How did your items work out?

I found these Downton Abbey trading cards online, and thought they were too funny.  If you want to see all of them, click here.
Interesting fact (someone left this comment on a blog, about the dog on Downton Abbey):

“Apparently the dog from Season 1 didn’t get on with the dogs that live at Highclere (the estate which poses as Downton), so they got a new dog in and instead of pretending it was the same dog they created ‘Isis’. I think the names of the dogs may be in honor of the fact that Lord Carnarvon, the Earl who lived at Highclere funded the excavation of Tutenkhamun’s tomb (King Tut) and subsequently died in Egypt (his death fuelled the idea that there was a curse on the tomb, but was more likely due to blood poisoning).”

Hope y’all have a fabulous Thursday!
We have a second showing on our house tomorrow, by an interested client.  Wish us luck!
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  1. I have not started watching this yet, but I just got the first season in the mail from Amazon. My sister has been telling me how much I will enjoy it. The drink sounds delish. 🙂

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