Thirsty Thursday: The Currant Affair

I found this week’s cocktail from a blog I follow, Lazaro Cooks.  He always has the best recipes, and sometimes makes things thirty times just to get the recipe right.  How dedicated is that?  His wife is so lucky too, because he makes the most delicious meals for her.  One of the other perks about his blog is that he has guest bloggers that provide great recipes, and sometimes a mixologist or two.  Kate Shea Kennon provided this delicious recipe for the Currant Affair on Lazaro Cooks! last week.

3 oz. vodka
2 oz. red currant simple syrup
Unsweetened grapefruit soda
Red currants for garnish

To make a red currant simple syrup, dissolve one cup sugar in one cup water over low flame. When the sugar dissolves, add one cup of red currants. Stir and let cool. Pour into an airtight container and the syrup will last for up to four months.

“In the Currant Affair, I used Gokurí Grapefruit Soda, a soft drink from the Japanese Beverage Company, Suntory. Gokurí, while difficult to find if you don’t live near a Japanese grocery, is particularly wonderful in cocktails. It was the true key to this cocktail’s success: Gokurí has real fruit pulp, and it doesn’t hide the grapefruit tartness with sugar. It’s a very sophisticated beverage, and the same effect could be had with grapefruit juice and some club soda. You don’t want to use an American grapefruit soda like Squirt, as good as Squirt is, because it is too sweet and will pile on and overpower your currants.”

Delicious, right?
While sipping this drink, I would be wearing this, to match!

Simplicity is key with this ensemble
Cheers to a lovely Thursday, Y’all!
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Yesterday’s location was Bora Bora.  Many of y’all guessed it right, and were on the same wavelength as me.  I had to choose it for this week because it was so appropriate, being that Ali and her two last bachelors will be there next week.  Plus, I wanted to get a heads up on what the location looked like, before seeing it next week on the show.

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23 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: The Currant Affair

  1. Mmmm! That drink sounds wonderful. I am so intrigued by the grapefruit soda. An Asian grocery store opened here a few weeks ago, and I think I'll be popping in to see if they carry it! Thanks for the tip!

    PS – can't wait for Monday's episode. Your pictures got me so excited to see more of Bora Bora!

  2. love the title of your post. I have to try that drink and I have those beautiful Jack Rogers shoes in black. My mom loves them so much she has like 5 pairs!

  3. That looks DELISH! Also, I really wish you could come to my house and pick out all my clothes for me…such great taste!

  4. What a great idea to put currants in a cocktail! And those sandals are gorgeous! Hope you're having a great day!


  5. That cocktail sounds so good (and looks good). I don't know if I've ever had currant.

    I love that Lilly dress and Bora Bora is at the top of my list of places that I must visit in my lifetime. It looks like pure paradise.

  6. I'm not sure if my last comment went through. I am so excited that I finally got one of your WW right. Let me know if you'd like a WW button for your blog. I'd love to make one. I'm trying to work on designs and what not to improve a little.

    Love that Lilly dress, so cute!

  7. Ashley,

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I am also blown away by this wonderful drink and it's creator Kate. She is so very talented.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. What an interesting part to the drink – grapefruit soda! Love the Lilly dress too – so unique! Have a great weekend!!!!

  9. A belated thank you for the accolades in pink and green. It's September. The kids have gone back to school and I get my laptop back. Cheers!

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