Thirsty Thursday: Aveda Comforting Tea

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday morning.  We’re getting ready to head to preschool to drop off W, and then headed to E’s 15-month check-up.  Hope it goes well.  I’m picking up a friend’s child from her preschool this afternoon, and she’s staying overnight with us.  She and W have been friends since birth, so it will kind of be like their first sleepover.  Should be fun!

For today’s Thirsty Thursday, I thought I’d choose my favorite tea, Aveda Comforting Tea.  I love this stuff.  For awhile, I used to drink about three cups every time I went to the salon.  Now, I have some at home, and just love it!  It comes in either tea bags or ground tea.  Not only do I love Aveda’s tea, but I love their hair and face products, as well.  The best part is all of their products are organic.

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway.  I’ll be choosing a winner today, and announcing it tomorrow.  Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: Aveda Comforting Tea

  1. I love tea and this looks so good. Also, love that E wanted a blue crayon. Yesterday G came to me with this awful look on his face and a bar of soap in his hands. He had put it all in his mouth. I couldn;t help but laughing as I cleaned it out because I never intended to clean his mouth out with a bar of soap like we hear about in the old days but he went ahead and did it for himself.

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