The Fizz Gerald + Emily Ley Simplified Planners are Here + Yesterday’s OOTD

As I mentioned briefly on Wednesday’s post, Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners went on sale yesterday!  
If you’re unfamiliar with Emily Ley, let me tell you that you will LOVE her planners!  While I keep my schedule on my phone, I always have a back-up hard copy, and these planners are the best ones out there!  Just her little intro about living a joyful life and how to stay organized and keeping it simple, I knew I was sold!
Emily’s Story
We truly believe that the “battle for happiness is fought on the pages of our calendars” (Bob Goff, Love Does).  After the birth of her son, Brady, Emily searched high and low for a planner with heart, not just bells and whistles and extras that left her even more overwhelmed.  She craved a simple, beautiful place to start fresh each and every day.  And so, the Simplified Planner was born.  Each page features four simple, purposeful spaces: Schedule, To Do, Notes and Dinner – everything busy, intentional women need – and nothing more.
This year, she has three different designs.  I had the hardest time choosing which one because they’re all so pretty.
I ended up going with the colorful ‘Happy Stripe’ design.  Sidenote: This is a nail polish line my friend introduced me to called VinyLux.  It’s supposed to last one week, so we’ll see if it works.  I’m actually wearing a different color on my nails than the pink in the photo.  Planning on painting my toes that pink color tonight!  My nails are Desert Poppy.
This year, the planners were sized down to fit more conveniently in your purse or tote.  Read below to find out even more changes that have been to this year’s design.
The New Edition’s Upgrades
The new and improved Simplified Planner features a brand new size (smaller!).  It’s smaller than previous editions by 1″ top to bottom and 1 inches side to side.  It’s also a bit thinner as we’ve made a small change to the paper weight to allow for stronger binding.  We searched high and low for a wire-o binding that would allow you flip the cover front to back while still staying sturdy and strong and are THRILLED with our new TRUE GOLD binding (instead of our previous brass colored binding). We also added hints of color to every page, tips (like “Valentine’s Day is in seven days!”) in very discrete places on select pages and simplified (pun intended!) the page layout to allow more space for writing.  Additionally, the new Simplified Planners will arrive packaged inside beautiful, custom navy and gold boxes.  We hope you’ll use these boxes to house your Simplified Planner as a keepsake for years to come or to hold momentos or special photos for the year.
 The binder is super sturdy, and you’ll never have to worry about it breaking or bending.
 Such a cute touch with these colorful tabs.
 Pockets are always such a necessity when trying to stay organized.  Emily clearly thought of everything when she created these simplified planners.
This is my favorite part of every planner I’ve ever owned.  Being able to see a month at a glance.  Even my phone can’t offer me that.  On my phone, all I see on it are tiny dots for things I’ve scheduled. 
She even keeps you organized with a weekend section checklist too!
Love the keepsake box it comes in.  I’ve always tried to save my old planners and still love looking back at ones from previous years.
“It’s not about living the ‘perfect’ life.  It’s about simplifying real life to make time for what matters most.” –Emily Ley
I’m honestly not kidding though.  These planners sell out within days, so make sure you order one now before they sell out!

Yesterday’s OOTD

Joie Silk Top (on sale) // Shorts // Sandals // Ring // Bangles // Tote

I’m sure y’all have noticed by now that in recent outfits I’ve been wearing these large cocktail rings that almost resemble mood rings.  I’ve always been a fan of big rings, but most of them have had such a thin base that they end up just hanging to one side of my finger and not staying in the middle.  These rings don’t do that, and that’s why I love them.  Not to mention that they’re super comfortable, a great quality and the stones are gorgeous!

Like I love them so much that I’m already thinking of adding this Labradorite Greek Key one to my growing collection.  Such a pretty color for Fall.  Julie Vos creates all of this beautiful jewelry and I love absolutely everything in her latest collection!

Also, I had a few of you that asked about my Tory Burch Tote above.  It’s called the Perry and I love the shape of it.  The color is hard to describe.  It’s like a really light tan with a subtle pink tone too.

I couldn’t leave you today without a cocktail to try!  By the way, I definitely need to start asking the bartenders exactly how to re-create these cocktails at home, rather than just taking a pic of the ingredients listed on the menu.  I never know how much of what to add and have to guess.  But I do like the fact that I know that the ingredients will all go deliciously together.

As I mentioned yesterday, last Wednesday we went out to dinner to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.  After dinner, we headed over to The Spectator Hotel and had an after-dinner cocktail at the bar there.  The main reason I love this new hotel so much is that almost everything in the entire hotel is local…down to the ingredients in their cocktails.  Everything with a star beside it is locally made.  I chose the Fizz Gerald as my cocktail of choice and let’s just say I’ll definitely be going back soon for another.  Yum!

The Fizz Gerald

Elderflower Soda

So simple and as is states on the menu, so refreshing!

I hope y’all have an awesome day!


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