The Carolina Panthers are Super Bowl-Bound!


So one of my sisters ran a marathon yesterday!  Since we couldn’t be in Miami to watch her race, we were cheering from home!  So proud of her!!  Some of you asked where I got my Nightshirt.  When I went to Target the other week, I found it for maybe $8 in the clearance section.  I found it online, but unfortunately it’s only carried in stores.
For all you Fitbitters, these were her steps on Sunday!  I think it’s safe to say she hit her 10,000 daily goal mark…times 5!
 On Saturday night, we headed out for a date with some friends at one of our favorite spots, The Obstinate Daughter.

I wore this Mara Hoffman Dress.  Unfortunately, it’s almost sold out, but I did find the exact same print, just a different style on sale for 40% off here.  My Rag & Bone Harrow Booties in this black color are currently full-price, but if you caught Saturday’s post when I shared lots of sales around, the light grey ones are on sale for over 60% off with code: EXTRA.  Make sure and order at least a half-size up.  They run small.  I paired it with this ring and this necklace. // iPhone Case

 After making the poster for my sister, Wheeler decided we should make posters for the Panthers.
 I still can’t believe how well they turned out!  Go PANTHERS!
Yesterday’s OOTD

 My Panthers Blue Bubble Necklace is old, but I found this shop that carries two very similar colors, and they’re only $14.99.  Would be great to wear for the next game.  My cardigan is old too, but I found a few black cardigans that are similar at different price points: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
A few of my favorite pics after the game.  Many of them are from Sports Center…
 Leanne Tuohy shared this pic on IG.  Sandra Bullock played her in The Blind Side.  Her son, Michael Oher, is going to the Super Bowl!
Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, getting splashed by Charles Johnson and Cam Newton!

This will the first time both starting QBs who were #1 overall draft picks will play against each other in the Super Bowl.

Superman Cam!

Cam wearing his entire team’s names on his shoes during practice. 

Even though we moved away, I’m so thankful we managed to go to one of their games this season, their Super Bowl season.  Oh, how I’d love to be back home these next two weeks.  I know the city is going to be all abuzz before their next HUGE game!  So very proud of our awesome team!!
Old Navy always has the best selection of swing dresses.  This one has great reviews and I love the color of the stripes, on sale for $25.  It says that one of the colors is turquoise.  A Carolina Panthers turquoise?  I ordered it to find out, and y’all know my love for swing dresses.
 I hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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