Summer Outfits: Kids’ Edition

I’ve had some readers ask if I’d do a kids outfit post.  Many of you email asking about where I get my boys’ polos and shorts.  Most of the time it’s Vineyard Vines, Tucker and Tate and Boden, but I almost always order it all through Nordstrom.  I know I’ve said this more times that I can count, but it’s just so much easier to order clothes for them, let them try it on in the comfort of our home, and then mail back what doesn’t fit.  And Nordstrom’s return process is super easy.  A sticky label comes in the box, so you just close it up, stick it on the box and mail it back.  And if you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a Nordstrom, you can also take your returns back to the store and they’ll process it there.

In all honesty, I rarely take the kids into stores to try on clothes.  I just always feel rushed and end up getting things that may not have fit well, not realizing it while I was there.  Plus, while Effie absolutely loves clothes and trying different pieces on, Wheeler is happy with whatever she wears, she just doesn’t like trying on clothes over and over.

How cute are these bright pieces for summer?

Wheeler and Effie are wearing this same dress style, just different prints, and these sandals.  Logan and Vaughn are both wearing these striped polos and Logan is wearing these shorts.  All of my children wear Natives if you haven’t noticed already, and in the summer, that’s pretty much all they wear.  They’re just so easy to put on, and water doesn’t bother them.

Effie’s Dress // Sandals // Vaughn’s Shirt // Shorts (very similar here) // Shoes

Wheeler’s Suit (just marked down to $20!) // Logan’s Lobster Suit

Wheeler’s PJs (I originally ordered one pair of these, but after she wore them, I ordered another pair so she and Effie could match!  And they were just marked down to $20!)

I wore this top yesterday and it was perfect for the weather.  Very lightweight and looks more expensive than the $49 price tag.  It also comes in two other prints.  I love that they added the fabric on the side, so you don’t have to worry about your bra showing.  I always receive so many compliments on my sandals.  They’re super comfy and under $100.  I’ve had them since last summer, and still love wearing them all the time.

Don’t forget Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale is still going on!  I’ll be back tomorrow with more favorites from the sale.  And I know I told you on yesterday’s post that I’ll be sharing my faves from other sales today.  Instead, I’ll be posting it first thing tomorrow morning.  Loving this Joie top above, now 40% off!

I hope y’all have a happy and safe holiday weekend!  We’re staying here and have a cook-out to attend, along with lots of boat rides I’m sure.  One of my sisters is staying out at Wild Dunes with her hubby and two boys, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing them too!  Oh, and thanks for all the weather app recommendations.  I had some of you ask if I’d share the recs.  Of course!  I’ll post them all tomorrow.

TGIF, Y’all!

Thanks to Nordstrom for their partnership on this post.

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