Still Here! + Sunday’s OOTD

I hope y’all had the best weekend!  We’re still at the beach, enjoying our second week.  Last Tuesday, I took Effie to the doc here because she had been complaining that her ear hurt.  I thought maybe it was an ear infection, but she was diagnosed with swimmer’s ear.  For someone who loves the water as much as she does, it was the saddest news…especially while on vacation.  I’ve been having to give her drops four times a day, and she’s had to keep her head out of the water (basically she’s not allowed in the water), as well as wear an ear plug when even around water (you can see the bright orange piece in her ear, above).  The first day was the worst, as she wanted so badly to get into the water.  Now she’s pretty used to having to steer clear of the water.  And we only have two more days left of the drops before she’s allowed to get back in and swim.  Thankfully, we’re here for two weeks, and her last drops will be on Tuesday, so Wednesday will be so fun for her – finally!
I wish I could say that I’ve been squeezing in some running while here, but I haven’t.  Not even once yet.  The sun sure wears us all out, and I know if I went and ran, it would only make me tired throughout the day since I haven’t been consistent with it in the most recent weeks.  But my broken toe has completely healed so I’m more than ready to start back again.  I may attempt one soon because I sure do love running at the beach!
Sunday’s OOTD

Joie Floral Top (now on sale!) // Shorts // Sandals // Renegade Bracelet // Cross Cuff // Drusy Bracelet // Kate Spade Watch // Tory Burch Studs // Theodosia Necklace (tell them you saw me wearing it and they’ll take 20% off your entire purchase)
I know I’m probably jinxing myself, but the weather here has been wonderful!  A summery, cool breeze and not too hot.  Really hoping that this week brings more of the same.  Wheeler is just dying to catch some fish…her latest hobby.  She knows based on how the water is flowing whether or not it’s time to fish, and she’s constantly keeping a look out.  Lanier put out crab traps yesterday, so we’ll see if we’ve caught anything today!
Here’s hoping y’all have a great start to your week!

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  1. So glad Effie will get to enjoy the water toward the end of the week! I am headed down Thursday night and cannot wait! I love the 4th of July!

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