Wednesday Whereabouts: St. John Trip: Part 1

Alright y’all, so I went a little crazy with how many photos I took on our trip.  But I just couldn’t help it.  The setting was absolutely stunning and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

For the Plane Ride: Sandals (on sale with code: GOBIG17) // Bag // Top // Necklace // Watch

St. John doesn’t have an airport, so we flew into St. Thomas and took a ferry over to St. John.  Can you tell we were excited?

Our first stop was down to the beach!

Beach Waver working its magic!

What I Wore

Colorblock Dress // Bikini // Sunnies (on sale with code: GOBIG17) // Flip Flops

The first night we headed to Zozo’s at Caneel Bay.

Yummy beet salad!

The food was absolutely delicious!  My favorite meal was probably this night.  I had the surf and turf and I ate every single morsel.

What I Wore

Dress (on sale with code: GOBIG17) // Wedges (both are true to size)

The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast at our hotel.  We stayed at the Westin and I would recommend it to anyone.  Not even one complaint!

There’s just something about these girls that I love so much!  We had the absolute best time on our trip!

On Saturday, we spent the day at the beach.  Cover-Up (on sale with code: GOBIG17) // Sandals // Sunnies (on sale with code: GOBIG17) // Tote // Bracelets

Told you the Westin was gorgeous!  I feel like all these pics could be postcards.  The vegetation was breathtaking!

Excited for a beach day!  Swim Top // Sunnies (on sale with code: GOBIG17) // Swim Bottoms

As I said before, this is Part 1.  The rest of our trip is coming up in my next post!

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: St. John Trip: Part 1

  1. So beautiful! You have the best figure. I have 4 kids myself, but look nothing like you!!! How long have y’all known each other? Girls trips are the best. You can really tell you are lifting your friend up. As always, I like look to you for the latest trends. So on POINT! Wanted to mention that I agree with previous posters, Daniel Island is WAY too far out and too cookie cutter. Mt.P all the way! Glad you settled there! Take from me, I have lived here all my life.

  2. Hi could you tell me where to find the coverup your friend has that is white with hot pink tassels? And the necklaces on your two friends on the right in the picture of the four of you sitting down?
    Love all the pics! It’s got me thinking of vacation!!

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