Mother’s Day Traditions and Best/Worst Gifts + OOTD


I’m being featured as a BURU Mama today, as they countdown to Mother’s Day.
Today only, save $50 off $150 any Bella Dahl purchase with code: BURUMAMA$50.  There’s a Q&A article on my Mother’s Day Traditions and Best/Worst Gifts here.  I’ve also included the article below.
Please share your children’s names and ages?
Wheeler – 6.5
Effie – 5.5
Logan – 3.5
Vaughn – 2.5
What are your favorite Mother’s Day traditions?
Mother’s Day has always been extra special for me and my family. Growing up, it was a time for my five younger sisters and I to not only recognize my mother on her special holiday, but it’s always been right around my mom’s birthday also. Her birthday is the 12th. So naturally, each year she doubled up on the extra love and gifts. And to top that, my late grandmother’s birthday (my mother’s mother) used to celebrate her birthday AND wedding anniversary on May 11th and sometimes that date would also fall on Mother’s Day, as well! Needless to say, we’ve always celebrated an extra special time in mid-May!
As for traditions, it mostly revolved around having the family get together for a big meal. When my grandmother was still alive, we would travel down to visit her and my grandfather, and my aunts, uncles and cousins would also be there. Our favorite foods were served, and they’re actually still served at other holidays with family today…sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, crockpot Mac and cheese, honey baked ham…makes me hungry just thinking about it. And a meal was never begun without a few dishes laid out with my grandfather’s homemade cheese straws. My children still eat them by the handful whenever they visit him. That will never change.
My sisters and I would always give my mother sentimental gifts. Many times we tried to still keep both separate, instead of combining the two celebrations. I always compared it to my birthday and Christmas, so I knew how she’d feel if we ever were to combine them. And even as I have a family of my own, I still enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day with my own mother and/or my mother-in-law. Family is a very important part of our lives and I hope it will always be! After all, who knows you better than your mother.
Best Mother’s Day gift you have ever received?
The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received were letters and cards from my husband, sisters and friends the month before I had my first daughter, Wheeler. I still cherish all of the sweet words that they wrote when I was soon to be a mother for the first time. And what Wheeler and Effie always tell me anyway, “Mama, it’s Mother’s Day everyday!” Truer words were never spoken!
Worst gift you ever gave your own Mother?
The worst gift I ever gave my own mother? I had to ask my mom to see if she could tell me. Ha. She jokes and said we got a golden retriever puppy around Mother’s Day and that was the worst…which quickly turned into the best! I mean my mom had six girls in 9.5 years and my youngest sister was 4 at this point. Can you imagine throwing a dog into the mix? We blame my dad! Just kidding. But we loved Toby Simba and were so thankful he was part of our family for the next ten years. And that’s how we scored our other family dog, Jack. Toby needed a friend and obviously Jack was irreplaceable soon after we welcomed him into our large family! But just a heads up though, ALWAYS discuss getting a pet with your mother before giving one to her as a surprise gift!
If you could travel anywhere this mother’s day where would you go?
If I could travel anywhere for Mother’s Day, I would go somewhere tropical. My husband and I haven’t traveled on a true vacation since our honeymoon, which was almost eleven years ago. But what can I say, we’ve been busy…but so thankful for our many many blessings. Oh, and obviously we wouldn’t leave for our trip until after celebrating the holiday with family. My oldest daughter is really big into holidays right now and even got so upset that my husband would be out of town for St. Patrick’s Day earlier this year. She just couldn’t understand why he’d miss a holiday that he was supposed to celebrate with the family. The sweetest thing. But she’s serious. I think the upcoming holiday is Earth Day…and boy, are we ready!

Happy Saturday!

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