Running Stats + House Update

3 Miles, 7 Days in a Row!  In the past 22 days, I’ve run 3 miles, 20 of the 22 days.  And can I tell you, I feel great!

I’ve had a lot of you asking about what app I’ve been using to record my stats.

On my iPhone Watch, click on the little runner guy pic.

And then click on ‘Outdoor Run’ and it counts down from 3 to start your run.  Slide to the left to end your run.  The GPS is actually very accurate when it comes to measuring distance.

On how to see your splits from your run, go to your Activity App on your iPhone.  Scroll down until you see your work-out.  Click on it.

Then click on ‘Splits.’

They should all show up.  And if you need some motivation, I am the slowest runner known to man.  Haha.  You don’t have to be fast to run, just get out there and try it.  Since I’m running everyday, I never try to overdo it.

These are my newest kicks.  They’re basically the same style as my other ones.  They’d just seen better days and I needed a new pair.

Cutest heart pj set!

Happy to wear this on my run on Thursday!  Go Tarheels!  They beat both Duke and N.C. State this week!

While my Exposed: Art in the Elements pics are made for the outdoors, I guess I just wanted to see them more often.  So I decided to hang them here rather than on our porch.

Our Powder Room.  Before.

After.  I think we still need one more pic in there, but the floor change and the pretty mirror made the biggest difference!

Beach Art.

Art by Sofia Vallez of Sophie & Lili.  I sent Sofia a photo of the children and she painted this pic.  Isn’t it the sweetest?

I hope y’all have a great start to your week!

13 thoughts on “Running Stats + House Update

  1. I totally agree—if you’re going to run every day, don’t overdo it!! And I think I might try Sophie and Lili—that drawing is perfect!!

  2. I love your posts! Do you have the Apple Watch series 3 or regular to run with? Also, do you have to carry your phone with you when you run?

  3. Funny story about being the slowest runner ever…that would be me…
    I signed up to run a race and when I got there on race day, they didn’t even have a corral for my pace I am so slow 😔
    Oh well, I still ran the race and I finished, not in last place! I’m always just happy to be able to run, no matter how fast or slow!

  4. Love your bathroom redo! I’m getting started on one in my house too. What is the paint color you used? It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

    1. I’m honestly not sure of the exact name, but I ordered it from a local store here, Melcer Tile.

  5. Love the powder room floor! In the middle of construction…would you please post which tile you used? Thanks!

    1. I’m honestly not sure of the exact name, but I ordered it from a local store here, Melcer Tile.

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