Running Again + New Bright Faves

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  I’ve finally marked today as the day I start back my regular running routine.  I’ve had a few of you ask if I was still running in the mornings.  The truth is, it’s been hard to get on a routine after the move.  There have been so many days where I’ve tried to start something, but this is it.  Today.  If you’ve been an SSP reader for awhile you’ll know that I used to share my weekly running stats every Monday.  I’m going to start doing that again, as many of you have told me that it motivates you to do the same.  It also motivates me, holding myself accountable for something to get in shape.
I’m going to be honest though; it’s hard to start back.  I used to run almost every single day and I loved doing it.  My body loved me for doing it.  That high I got after a good run in the morning would carry me through the rest of the day feeling happy and energized.  Not that I’m not happy when I don’t run, it was just that much better when I knew I’d knocked out my exercise for the day.  It would also make me eat better knowing that I didn’t want to sabotage that run for eating unhealthy food.
When I say I run, I don’t run long distances.  I don’t run extremely fast.  In the beginning, my goal is just to run.  I’m not aiming for speed or more miles.  I feel like if I go for too much or overdo it, then I probably won’t feel as motivated to do it as often.  As I start running more consistently, then that’s when I start seeing the time decrease.  I usually run between 3-4 miles and that’s good enough for me.  
So, here it goes!  Here’s hoping I can stick with it this time!  I heard somewhere that routines happen after they’ve been repeated 8 times.  I’m hoping for that.  So by next Monday, look for my running stats.  
And since I’m starting back, you know I had to shop around for some cute new running gear to share.  Loving all the fun, bright colors this season!

I just ordered these too.  Have y’all tried jump roping in awhile?  I was trying to teach the kids the other day with one of theirs.  Talk about a work-out!
My hot pink Nike Frees 5.0s have almost sold out, but they have a lot of new colors this season.  Love these light aqua ones.

Oh and if you want something else bright in your life?  I got this Lilly Pulitzer Essie Top over the weekend and wore it to a party on Saturday and it is so comfy and fun.  For fit, it’s a soft cotton and is true to size.  Paired it with these shorts in Seamist.

Hope y’all have an awesome start to your week!

5 thoughts on “Running Again + New Bright Faves

  1. I've recently taken up running (always been a group fit cardio girl) as a way to get more steps on my fitbit; seeing other runners will definitely help keep me motivated! Good luck getting back into the routine 🙂
    XO, Gentry

  2. Love that Lilly top! Good luck getting back into the running, such a great workout that you can do almost anywhere. We had a tough winter here so I'm finally enjoying running outside again!

  3. I would love to hear any tips you have for running, especially new runners. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I always feel really proud of myself when I give it a try. Thanks for the motivation!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  4. You go girl! I am in the same boat- but if we put our minds to it we can do it! I just need to keep up my motivation when I'm sore/after a long day at work. Good luck!


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