Tuesday Trends: RUGSUSA Rug Review

The hooks under the mantle are there for the holidays.  We hang all our stockings on them.
We still have one more picture to hang above the black chair.  You’ll notice I have no coffee table books or little decorations out.  It’s pretty much impossible for them to stay there with four little ones running around the house.  Maybe one day, when they get older.
We’ve been in our bungalow for eight years now.  Ever since we moved in we always had a sisal rug in our den.  We first had it in our condo, and then transferred it to this house.  It was a great neutral and rarely showed stains or wear.  Enter FOUR kiddos and a dog.  It started showing everything!
I’d been on the hunt for a printed rug for awhile, but couldn’t settle on anything that I really liked and that could withstand a spill a little better.  Well, when RugsUSA was kind enough to ask me to review one of their rugs, I knew this was my chance to pick out the perfect one.  And we definitely found it!  This Turquoise Traditional Rug is a great color and hasn’t shown any wear since we got it about two months ago.  It matches the room so well and I love that it already has a great distressed look.  Use code: FALL60 and get it for 60% off, plus free shipping!
If you haven’t ordered from RugsUSA yet, you should!  I check back all the time because they’re constantly running sales, sometimes they mark everything down to 70% off.  That’s when I ordered this one.  It’s currently 60% off with code: FALL60.  I haven’t used it yet because I’m waiting to change over Logan’s room into a big boy room and I’ll use it then.  Today, they’re even running a huge Fall sale.  Check it out here.
Hope y’all are having a terrific Tuesday!  The weather here is definitely Fall!  LOVE it!  It has FINALLY arrived!!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: RUGSUSA Rug Review

  1. Love the color of that rug! I'm so glad to see a "real" living room that isn't highly styled for the photo. I could never have coffee table books or accessories out with my two little ones. I find it hard to believe that anyone could – unless they don't let their kids in that room!

  2. How do you like the texture of it? Is it soft? I have been looking for a rug like this for what seems like months. This looks "worn in" and that is exactly what I wanted!!! Perfect!!!!

  3. I ordered a rug from Rugs USA, and while the rug was great I found their customer service to be horrible. It's unfortunate, because they have such a wide selection and great prices.

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