Randoms on a Thursday + New Lulu

Enjoyed a delicious lunch the other day with my sister (#4) that was in town!  Loved catching up!  Also, had to tell y’all that I found my sunglasses available online!  They’ve been sold out for the past month or so, but I found them here!

The coolest thing about this brand is if you break them/scratch them, you can send them back and they’ll send you a new pair.  Love mine!  Get my exact ones here.

Stripe Bracelet // Blue Print Bracelet

Took her to Saltwater Cowboys and got the trashcan nachos.  A no-brainer!

Still loving this top I shared a few weeks ago.  The white has sold out, but it’s still available in a pretty red and a mint color too.  For fit, it runs big.  Wearing an XS.  My cutoffs are a few years old.  And I’m still loving these sandals.  Only $35!  Head over here for more of my favorite summer shoes.

Another win for Logan’s team!

Just loving the new Love Tank style so much!  I not only wear to workout, but I wear it out too.  Love the new grey color!  Paired here with this sports bra and these shorts.  I wear the 2.5″ low-rise only because I wear them so low on my waist.  If you like yours longer, go for this length with a low-waist.  If you prefer a higher rise, this rise is also available in both 2.5″ and 4″.  So many options!  Just make sure you size up.  They run small.  Same with the tank and the sports bra.  How great are these bright colors for summer?  Both colors are currently available in all sizes.

Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale is still going on!  I have this crossbody and it was marked down!  30% off!  Fits my big iPhone perfectly!

Blue Mercury has an awesome promotion going on this week!  Definitely take advantage!

Plus, you’ll receive all of these products with your order of $250+!

Click the pic above to shop my favorite beauty picks from Blue Mercury!

Yesterday, I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now and I’m excited to share!  If you’re on a desktop, head to my sidebar and scroll down.  Now you can check out all of our travels in one place!  And if you’re on your phone, just keep scrolling down and you’ll see them all.  Click on each pic and it’ll take you to the blog posts and all our travel details from the past years!  I’m sure I’m leaving out some, but will go back and add them as I think of them.

You’ll also see my latest reads there too.  I’m going to post about my recent reads soon!

Happy Thursday, Y’all!