The Preppy Mafia’s Fabulous Giveaway

The Preppy Mafia has a very generous Mother’s Day giveaway in store for you.  But hurry!  There’s only a limited amount of time that they’re accepting comments.  For all the details, click here.  Just look at all the items they’re giving away:  a car and cell phone monogram, a Preppy Mafia bumper sticker, a PM stadium cup, a signed copy of Social Climber, and a Kate and Olive preppy child’s dress.  Told you they’re being generous.  I mean who wouldn’t want to enter?  I sure could use it all, to make my Mother’s Day extra special.

An extra special thanks to Social Climbers and 2PreppyGirls for hosting the Preppy Mafia giveaway.   Their blogs are amazing, and so fun to read.  These ladies are preppy to the core, fashionable, and so personable.  If you want to know more about these lovely ladies, become a fan of Social Climbers on Facebook, by clicking here, and 2PreppyGirls, by clicking here.

Good Luck!

One thought on “The Preppy Mafia’s Fabulous Giveaway

  1. Thank you for telling us about the giveaway Ashley! I thought we were following each other's blogs, but I guess not. I am following now!!!

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