Pool Time and My Worries!

My parents were in town this weekend visiting, and stayed out at Wild Dunes.  Since it got up to 70 yesterday, we played tennis for a few hours and then headed to the pool.  Don’t worry, it was heated.  We all loved it, except now we’re all ready for pool/beach weather and I don’t think it’s going to get out of the 60s this week. // Wheeler’s Hot Pink Coverup is back in stock here.
The girls were super excited to jump in.  That is until their little brother (Logan) pushed them in instead.  But they still loved it and cracked up laughing.  They’re used to their little brothers!

I was excited to show off Logan and Vaughn’s new swimming skills to my parents, now that they’ve started taking lessons.  Logan was very reluctant at first, and still didn’t want to get in without his floaties.  But about five minutes later, he was swimming to me and kicking and trying his best to swim as well as he could.  I was laughing, so proud and honestly, so impressed!!

I got a chance to wear my new coverup.  You may remember that I have a few colors from this past year, but this is my newest one.  Absolutely LOVE the color of it!  For sizing, it does run a little big but it’s supposed to fit that way.  I’m wearing a small.  See all colors and styles available here. // Flip Flops // Sunnies
Wheeler lost another tooth, as you may notice from the pics.  Top left, next to her top two middle teeth.  I swear she’s going to be toothless soon.  They’re not kidding when they say that when they lose their first one, they all start coming out quickly.

I answered a few of you, when you asked about the sizing on my tee that I posted on Instagram yesterday.  I thought I’d include it here too.  It does run a little big, which I really like.  I’m usually a small, but wearing a medium in this one and it’s plenty big for a nice comfy tee.  And yes, that’s Logan being Darth Vader.  His new favorite costume to wear.  Wore it all day Saturday and would’ve worn it in the pool yesterday, had I let him!
While it’s fun to get back to swimming, every year it’s hard for me.  I don’t sleep as well at the beginning of swim season.  Since I’m constantly having to watch four kids at the pool, I have these recurring moments when I’m sleeping that one of them is looked over, drowning and I don’t get to them quick enough.  It sounds awful, I know.  But it’s also a wake-up call/reminder, whatever you want to call it, to always be watching them, always.  This year will be my hardest year yet, as at least Logan won’t be wearing his floaties and I’ll be having to watch him like a hawk – especially for as confident as he thinks he is now.  The girls can thankfully swim well enough, but I still have to watch them.  And I was thinking Vaughn wouldn’t want to wear floaties this summer, since he’ll see Logan not wearing his.  But I think I’m going to have to let him wear his floaties again, until he’s more confident.  Otherwise we may never venture out to the pool.
Thankfully, our pool is pretty deserted in the summer.  If it were crowded, I’d never be able to take them, without help.  Even going under the water yesterday to let my hair get wet, freaked me out, because I was taking my eyes off the kids for a second.  My parents were there watching too, but I’ve learned that you can’t always rely on someone else’s eyes, unless you specifically ask them to watch them.  All in all, the pool is fun but it’s no joke!  Teach your children how to swim or let them take lessons, especially if you live close to water.  My college, UNC-Chapel Hill used to make undergraduates take a swimming test before they could graduate.  I heard that they did away with that now though.  Don’t get me wrong, the pool will still be about playing and soaking in the warm sun, my eyes will just have to be a little bit keener this year.
More pics to share with you from our week on this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts.  Also, if you missed ‘Sunday Shopping’ yesterday, check back here.
I hope y’all have a great start to your week!

13 thoughts on “Pool Time and My Worries!

  1. Love that color of the cover up! I don't know how you do the pool with four kids- I get nervous just thinking about this summer with two toddlers. Thankfully we'll still be in the baby pool this year.

  2. Raising confident swimmers when you live near water is a must. We're in Florida and I think anyone who isn't a strong swimmer is insane. But I'm far more nervous at the beach than the pool. Those waves and rip current can take down the strongest of swimmers! Not to mention the sharks and jellyfish…sigh.

  3. I hear ya on the swimming…. I only have two little ones I can't imagine 4! I have a quick question… I have to go to a wedding in early spring and I live in PA. It could be freezing (30's ) or be "warm" (60's). I'd like to get a new dress, something light weight but with a sleeve? If you're looking for an idea to post about- affordable spring dresses for the wedding guest? Thank you!!!

  4. I had totally forgotten about the UNC swim test (Class of '04 here!). I remember not wanting to go do it at the time because I swam on a swim team from age 4-18, but what a smart idea in retrospect.

  5. The pool is a lot better than the beach. My sister almost drown when she was six at Cape Cod. A 12-year-old girl tripped over her and a passing policeman gave her cpr. She spent the night in an O2 tent. I was 2 and have no memory. A case where everyone thought someone else was watching her. I will say they put my nine year old sister in charge of her. That is too much for a nine year old. Needless to say we never went back to Cape Cod (an annual trip for us).

  6. They are all so darn cute! I feel like ya'll lived at the pool all last summer. I can completely understand your worries as it's stressful enough to trying to keep up with one. I just got that coverup in the blue and white stripe but I'm not loving the fit on me. It's shorter than I hoped and the material is actually pretty thick. I can't decide. It looks adorable on you!

  7. My husband and I decided that living in the South where we are wet practically all summer, it was a big priority to have our daughter learn to swim. Now at almost 6 – she's having a blast on the swim team! It's such an important life skill for kids to have!

  8. I just came to this swimming worry realization recently. Sully is only 10 months old, but I'm already terrified to take her near water even though that weather is pretty far away from us in DC. I've been researching swim lessons, but it sure is hard to find some when you're a working Mama! It's something we're prioritizing though, so we'll make it work. Glad you guys had nice weather down there, can't wait to meet you in person when I'm there in April for the Southern C!

    Erin, Attention To Darling

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