Pet Toys for Less

I just placed an order for lots of pet toys and accessories for sweet Smoke.  You won’t believe the prices on these!  This set of three balls is only $2!

With the temps rising, Smoke has been chugging so much water lately.  This water holder is great!  So much easier than me having to constantly refill his water bottle.  Super inexpensive too.  Only $10!

Got him this cute light blue collar.

And this duo of treats pack.

We’ve been training Smoke a lot lately and these little stars have been the best size for training him.

And he sure loves all of his chew toys like this one.

I’ve been using another set of clippers, but after getting these they’re so much easier.  Only $7.

He liked this cupcake toy so much I ended up getting him two more as back-ups.

Sweet happy boy with all of his new treats! // Dress (only $32)

Collar // Clippers // Dog Food Container (with wheels)

Waste Bags // Gravity Waterer // Green Toy

Cupcake Squeaky Toy // Treats Double Pack // Set of Three Balls

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

If you missed yesterday’s post, I shared all of my latest looks.  Head back here to check it out.

And I’m loving these sandals.  Great for the pool and beach.  Now on sale for only $14.  They come in a ton of colors too.