Loving Lately

Lots to share with y’all today! From skincare and makeup to new summer collections and fun finds under $40.  I hope y’all are ready to shop!  I’m loving all the lemons for summer!

This makeup is my summer go-to.  Easy to apply and it gives you the best glow.  For a video of how I apply these products, head over here. // Glowscreen // Dibs Duo Brush (#2) // Everything Brush // RMS Highlighter // Powder Brush // Status Quo Bronzer Stick

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How beautiful are these dresses?  And they’re all under $25.  I ordered one of them.  I’ll share when it comes in.

All of these Amazon picks above are under $40.

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I can’t believe Effie and Vaughn are graduating next week!  After Vaughn graduates next Friday, I’ll no longer have a child in elementary school.  Such a bittersweet time.  Love watching them all grow up into beautifully amazing humans, but I have to remind myself to breathe and take all of these moments in.  Funny how the timing of these graduations timed out.  Last year, it was Wheeler and Logan graduating 5th and 8th and this year, it’s Effie and Vaughn.  Next year, I won’t have an 8th grader going through confirmation and no one graduating.  Honestly, I’ll be enjoying that break.  Haha.  But nonetheless, I just feel so happy and blessed to be their mama and watch them continue to grow and soar.  These are the days!