Personalized Valentine’s Cards + A 20% Off Code

Bananas // Valentine Vibes // Bee-Ing My Friend // Jaw-some

Every year, my kids love picking out their personalized Valentine’s cards from Minted.  We go on their site and the kids scroll until they find the ones they like.  I love the ones they chose this year!  The little squares with their names on them are stickers that can be used on the envelopes (also included).  Most of the card choices have TO: on them, but you can edit your cards however you like, and I always remove that part.  It’s so much easier for them to address the names on the envelopes, rather than trying to write them super tiny on their cards.

Wrapping a gift is so much more satisfying when you have beautiful wrapping paper.  I chose this light pink pattern and this hearts pattern to wrap my Valentine’s gifts for the children.  We don’t go big for Valentine’s, but I usually forget to give them one of their gifts for Christmas or find something they’d like after the holiday season, so it’s like one little leftover bonus present.

Loving these personalized stickers!  The best part is that you can use them now for Valentine’s gifts, as well as throughout the year for other gifts.  There are a ton to choose from.  Check out more here.

Thanks for Bee-ing My Friend

We called Wheeler Beatrice by Wheeler Bea for about six months after she was born.  We then dropped it to Wheeler, but still call her Wheeler Bea at times.  I still think it’s a cute name!  So naturally, she’s always had a thing for bees.  Imagine how excited she was when she saw this card.  The stickers for the envelopes are so fun too.  She’ll be using the leftover to personalized all sorts of her notebooks and folders.

This Valentine Vibes card is so perfect for Effie.  She wanted to make sure I put a photo of her on the back and helped me pick out which one to use.

Logan’s always loved being funny and goofy so he loved this Bananas one.

Of course, Vaughn wanted the shark one!

Check out more classroom Valentine’s cards here.

Now for the best part!  From now until January 30th, you can take 20% off your Valentine’s Day cards and gifts on order of $50+ with code: XOXOPREP.

I’m currently working on a Valentine’s post.  My hearts sweater isn’t available just yet, but Effie’s sweater is.  She’s wearing an XL.  Mine should be available at Lilly soon!  It’s called the Venla.

I’m also working on a Life Lately post.  Hope to have them both up this week.  Wheeler’s dress is vintage Lilly.  Love it.

Wanted to end the post with this tee…if you’re a Yellowstone fan…haha.  Lanier and I started it a few weeks ago and are hooked!  Excited that we still have 1883 up next as well as a spinoff show.  I swear they stole Lanier’s playlists and used them for the show.  It’s unreal how many songs and artists we’ve recognized.  Makes the show even that much better!  You can shop more of my latest Amazon faves here.

Happy Tuesday!