Life Lately: Fun in February

This past Sunday, we attended the Lowcountry Oyster Festival and had the best time with great company!

It was chilly, but we had a great time!

  I mean how sweet is my nephew??

I headed to Vincent & Bullwinkel Orthodontics earlier this week and had my consultation for aligners.  Y’all, I’m so very excited to get this started!  I know it’s a long process, but I’m ready to do it!  I had braces when I was in high school, but my orthodontist never put the permanent retainer in, so my teeth quickly went back to their usual places.  I’m sure it’s also because I didn’t wear my retainer, but I will for sure be wearing it this time of around.

I’m going with the Spark Aligners.  If you’re interested in a consultation, you can call to make an appointment 843.762.2304.  Ask for Dr. Katie!  I fell in love with the practice when Wheeler started going there six months ago to start her braces journey.

She got her power braces on yesterday!

Effie’s musical troupe performed Mary Poppins Jr. this past weekend!  Can’t wait to share photos with y’all soon!  She did amazing!  So I knew by the end of the weekend, she’d be a little letdown after so much hard work and excitement and build up would come to an end.  They’d been rehearsing long hours since September.  So I wanted her to look forward to a fun surprise after the weekend and she loved it.

Dry Bar Charleston was hosting an event and I knew it’d be the perfect opportunity for her to get to do a fun updo and then we went to dinner just us two and got to have some one-on-one time together.  She had a ball!

We went to one of my faves, Felix, and she loved it!

After dinner, she opened a belated Christmas gift that arrived that day from my mom and daddy!  She loved it!  Oh and this is the sweater she’s wearing.  It’s mine, but it fits her just as well.  Wearing a small.

Alright, I’ve got more to share, but couldn’t fit it all into one post!  Told y’all it was a fun week!