Our Weekend + An OOTD


Happy Monday!  We had incredible weather here this weekend, and you better believe we took advantage of it!  As I mentioned last week, I got the new iPhone 7 Plus and after a few early tech issues at first, now I’m absolutely loving it!  It honestly takes better pictures than my Canon.  Trust me, I don’t have to explain it, the photos speak for themselves…


With the weather cooperating so well, we spent most of our weekend on the water.  The kids wanted to go fishing on Friday night, so we brought dinner with us and enjoyed a sunset cruise.


My scarf is only $29!  The perfect hues for fall.  // Sunnies


This is Effie’s little buddy she found in Lanier’s casting net.  She really wanted to take him home.

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On Saturday, we spent the day on the beach near Edisto.  One of their favorite parts was meeting this Great Dane named Charles.  Still can’t believe he’s only a year old!  How clear is this image of Morris Island Lighthouse on the way out?  My sister said they’re going to light it soon for an upcoming event.

img_0531 img_0514 img_0503 img_0498 img_0491 img_0449

On the way back, we stopped over on Botany Bay.  The kids had just watched Swiss Family Robinson the day before, for the first time.  They were clearly in their element when we pulled up to this beach.  Vaughn kept insisting he wanted to go and find some tigers and Logan cried when we had to leave.


On Sunday, we headed to church then tried out Mex-1, now on  Sullivan’s Island.  The view was great and the wait staff was beyond friendly!

img_0570 img_0557

What I Wore


Dress (runs true to size, I’m wearing a small; plan on wearing a jacket over it when the weather cools) // Wedges (also available in more sizes here) // Sunnies // Ring



Another amazing weekend in the books.  So incredibly lucky to live here!  Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

6 thoughts on “Our Weekend + An OOTD

  1. What a stunning weekend (and family!). Beautiful pictures and a picture perfect sunset. You know, I haven’t really noticed this before, but Wheeler totally reminds me of what Kirsten Dunst looked like as a child! Such a sweet smile.
    P.S – I think something is up with your profile pic in the response above??? Pretty sure that doesn’t look like you!

    1. I’ve never thought of that, but I can totally see it now too!

      Love all of your help! I need to change that pic. That’s the girl who helped me change over my blog. 😉

    1. Thanks! I’m still getting used to how big it is, since I’ve never used an iPhone Plus before, but it’s worth it!

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