Our Weekend

This past weekend, we headed home to Charlotte to visit family.  I wanted some time to snuggle with my nieces and nephews.  // Wearing this striped top (only $19!).  They’re hard to see here, but I’m also wearing these bow earrings.

Now you know why my sweet nephew was smiling so big.  My dad was making him laugh.

Just the sweetest.

Got to see my sister’s dog, Lady Sadie, too.  She’ll be jumping at Dock Dogs during SEWE too!

Practicing some fun braids.

Always love my dad’s wine selections.  This one is so good!  Also tried another bottle of Treana that was a few years older that they don’t make anymore.  It was amazing!

On Saturday morning, the girls and I had a little pamper time.  Top left lip gloss is Pop Pink and on the right is Bare Pink.  Bottom polish left to right is Fiji // Need a Vacation // Top Coat.  I’m wearing these heart sateen pants and the girls are wearing these.

Have always loved Fiji so much!  This is three coats.

Can’t get over how tall Wheeler is getting!  Sister #3 is the shortest of the six of us, but still!  Wheeler is growing like a weed!

Snowvale, another fave.

Since it’s hard to get away whenever we go home, this was an extra special treat.  My dad and I had the best time getting to play tennis together.

There’s just something to be said about going home.

With my mom, their Gigi.

How cute are the girls’ dresses??  Comfy and perfect for Valentine’s Day!  And they’re only $17.99!

While it was a fun whirlwind trip, we were happy to snuggle in and be home last night.

In all of our pinks for February!  I’m wearing this dress (not many sizes left), these heels and these earrings.  The girls are wearing this dress ($17.99!) and the boys are wearing these shirtsWheeler’s Boots // Effie’s Booties

I hope y’all have a wonderful start to your week!