Our Weekend

Wheeler attended her first Sock Hop on Friday night.  She’s been talking it up big time, so it was great hearing all about it when she got home.  She had a blast!  I can’t find the exact dress she’s wearing, but I found a similar version here.

On Saturday night, we attended our first holiday party of the season.  The theme was ’50s and we obviously had THE best time! // Pink Ladies Jacket // T-Birds Jacket

The hostess with the mostest in her amazing Christmas-themed poodle skirt!

If you haven’t tried these faux-leather leggings out yet, you MUST!  They were perfect for this outfit, but I’m definitely planning on wearing them more.  They seriously suck you in, in all the right places.  They’re sold out in so many places, but lucky for you, I found them available in all sizes here.

On Friday night, we kept it pretty low key and snuggled in for another Christmas movie.  Wearing these cute holiday pj pants (on sale for $19!), this top and this cozy blanket.

Ending the weekend in my happy place.  Last night, we read The Polar Express and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Saturday’s OOTD

It rained for most of Saturday and Sunday.  At least I had some cute red boots to wear!  Paired them with these leggings, this jacket and this cute scarf (only $19!).

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

4 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. You are the most fake woman I’ve ever seen. your fake thigh gap is laughable and your husband is fat.

    1. Well aren’t you kind? I highly doubt my friend would edit her own pic to post it to her IG that night. It was just the way I was standing and leaning. And wait, do you think she edited my husband too? Haha. Wow.

      1. People really post comments like that? You have a great blog and a lovely family and I don’t even know what is meant by a fake thigh gap. I don’t usually even read comments… just happened to scroll to it. Just had to say something cause it made me mad. You are awesome!

        1. Haha. It isn’t that often and I rarely post them or even respond, but had to with that one. I clearly don’t have a thigh gap, but was pretty proud of that angle! I need to work on that one more. Hahaha.

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