Our Trip to Charlotte for the Holiday

For the holiday weekend, we headed home to visit family in Charlotte.  I hadn’t been home in four months.  It felt so good to be back!  Wearing this dress.  Only $10!

We celebrated Wheeler’s birthday while we were home.  She loved it!  My dad made this carrot cake and it was delicious!

I sent these flowers to my mom a week earlier and they were still beautiful!  My dad picked out this wine and it was so good.  Highly recommend Unshackled!

Wheeler brought her new guitar and helped my dad tune his.

She performed for us that night and we just loved it!

Sweet Baby Reid.

My dad and I got in some great tennis matches.  We’re probably the only crazy ones that love playing in 90 degree weather.  Wearing this crossbody andthis dress.

The next evening, the girls performed for us again.

The happiest little baby.  My dress is sold out in this print, but the same style is now available in this gorgeous print too.

Wheeler helping her cousin play some notes.

This is such a great workout tank.  Only $7!  Paired here with these shorts.

This is an old pic, but wanted to show you the pink color in this top too.

Their outfits are by Shrimp and Grits Kids.

My dad has always been a pyromaniac.  So the 4th of July has always been one of his favorite holidays to celebrate.  Don’t you love his shirt?  My brother in law gave it to him.

My niece and nephew, Luke and Maggie.

More snuggles with Reid.

Logan and I hung out together watching all the fireworks.

With their cousin, Raleigh Kate.

Love this oversized tie-dye sweatshirt.  I sized up to a large because I always like them to fit really roomy.

The most fun was when they knocked it down!

I’m always so sad when I have to leave.  But it was a great trip!  I left on Monday, but the kids stayed with my parents for a few extra days.  This was 12 of the 15 grandchildren, all decked out in their red, white and blue.

Such a fun holiday weekend!