Life Lately

Last week, we went to the Windjammer to hear The Blue Dogs play.  It was a great concert, as always.  For the time being, no one is allowed inside, unless you have to go to the bathroom or get a drink.  There are picnic tables and benches outside that are spread apart that you can sit on in front of the stage.

Cuties!  Had to snap a pic of Effie’s cute little outfit she put together.

We spotted the cutest little baby ducks the other day on our bike ride!

Another boat day!  Wearing this coverup.  My swimsuit is a few years old from Lilly.

Wheeler has really been into drawing birds lately.  How awesome is this peacock?

Sweet Vaughn.

With my sister, who was out on the water too!

More Zoom calls.  This one was for their virtual Vacation Bible School.

I’ve been trying to get some one-on-one time with each of the kids when I can.  This was a girls day.  We went out to the beach and had the best time!  They would put their chairs in the ocean and let themselves get knocked over by the waves.

Another rainbow!

The next day, I had the boys.  Is that not crazy that that is the actual size of that Great White.

Vaughn had tubes put in a few years ago.  One of them fell out a few years ago.  The other one didn’t, so we got it removed because it was bothering him.  And he did a great job!  Such a brave boy!

Took him out to lunch afterward and he loved every minute of it!

Super random, but if you’re a tennis player and need something to keep your hands from getting too sweaty and wet, this stuff is awesome!  I don’t use it that often, but on super hot days, it’s definitely needed.

Wheeler colored her hair for the 4th.  She assured me it would come out in a wash or two and it did!  Some of y’all asked about where it was from.  She got it for a birthday gift, but I found it here.

The next date was with my Logan Bear.  Can you tell he was just a little excited? 😉

He chose Poe’s for lunch and got chips and queso and a burger.  If you’re visiting, they limit the seating.  On a weekend, be ready to wait at least an hour for a seat, but they’ll text you when your table is ready, so you can walk around.  They have a tent next to the restaurant too, where you can order drinks.

Then we had ice cream at Republic, next to our favorite cow.  Logan named her Lulu.

Such a fun week!