Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is HERE!!!

 It’s here!  My favorite sale of the entire year!  Like I’ve stated before, I know it’s hard to think Fall/Winter right now with such high temps.  But you’ll be kicking yourself when the weather turns colder for not taking advantage of these deals at such great prices.  Once August 3rd hits, the prices go back up.  If anything, I’m excited to snag these deals, store them away for awhile, and then take them back out when the weather gets cooler.  Some of them I’m actually saving for Christmas gifts.  Yes, I’m somewhat of a planner.  I have just have to make sure I remember where I stored it all.
I’ve been posting my favorite sale items from different sections all week.  Now that the sale has started, I’m organizing it all here for you.  This will keep you from having to revert back to previous posts and you can see it in all one place.  And I made it super easy to shop everything, simply click on items in the collages to shop.  While this may seem like a slew of products to throw at you in one post, keep in mind there are over 8,000 items in the Anniversary Sale and I’ve chosen what I feel to be the best of the best in each category.
Happy Shopping!
**For details on each item, click on any item to shop.**

Sunglasses above are Tory Burch.

As I’ve said before, I’ll be posting more of my favorites throughout the next few weeks while the sale is going on, with details on sizing and fit.
Nordstrom always offers free shipping and free returns, so don’t feel bad for placing more than one order.  I’m definitely guilty about going back and ordering more.  I honestly think it’s safer to do it that way.  That way you order your favorites right away that may sell out, and then you can peruse around for the next few weeks and see if there’s anything else you’d like to order.  And Nordstrom makes it extremely easy to return products.  Your package comes with a shipping label sticker, so there’s nothing for you to have to print off.  Extremely easy returns and exchanges.
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  We’re in the mountains this weekend, beating the heat!  60s at night!  Woohoo!
TGIF, Y’all!

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  1. Hi, I love the Nike sneakers on your "shoes for sale" section, but there's no link to them. Could you tell me which they are, since I can't seem to find them on Nordstrom's site? Thanks!

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