Wednesday Whereabouts: School’s In Session + Nordstrom’s Clearance Sale

Wheeler had her Open House last Friday.  Effie came too.  I told Wheeler she should try and meet some other people in her class and she said, “Well, I’m playing with Effie because I’m not going to get to play with her all this time.” Makes me kind of sad.  // Wheeler’s Shoes // Effie’s Shoes
 Wheeler loves writing little messages like this.  It’s so cool to see her world come alive now that she’s able to read and write so much more.
 After Wheeler’s Open House, we decided to make a girl’s day of it and headed over to the mall, while my in-laws watched the boys.  We stopped in at Pottery Barn Kids and the girls went ahead and picked out their Halloween costumes.  They really wanted to wear them out of the store, but were okay with me letting them wear their wings.  Wheeler chose this Fairy costume and Effie chose this Monarch one.  I always go up a size so they can wear them for a long time.  Here’s hoping my grandchildren can wear them too, just like my mom lets Wheeler and Effie play dress-up with mine.
That night, we went out to dinner with Lanier and were planning on heading to see an outside movie with the girls, Frozen.  After snapping this pic in the bathroom, waiting for Wheeler to finish, we came out of the bathroom and Lanier and Effie were standing near the door.  Effie was soaking wet and looked pretty embarrassed.  She had fallen into the outside fountain! // Rag & Bone Tank (on sale) // Fish Embroidered Shorts (on sale) // iPhone Cover
The only thing I could think to do was to head to the closest store, which was Urban Outfitters and quickly grabbed a t-shirt.  This one was pretty fitting!  And then we realized we needed underwear too, so we stopped in at a sports store and grabbed some Soffe shorts.  She was set!  Now I’m just wishing I had picked up one size larger so I could’ve worn it later.  I guess she’ll always have some cool pajamas with an extra special meaning. // Urban Outfitter Clueless Tee
Waiting in line for the jumpy house.
Frozen was great, but it didn’t end up starting until 8:30 so we only made it about halfway through before we headed home.
The next morning, Effie asked to wear her costume.  Love it!
We had a great rest of the weekend!  Lanier really wanted to take the girls out on a date since they’d be starting school soon.  They rode the light rail to the Discovery Place and then had lunch and ice cream.
This is the boys’ favorite spot – on their daddy’s lap, reading book after book after book.  This one in particular, Little Elliot, Big City is the cutest book!  It’s about a sweet little elephant searching for a cupcake in NYC…and in the end, finding a friend.  The publishing company sent me an advanced copy so we’ve been reading it for a few weeks now.  It’s out in bookstores this week, or order your copy here.
Wheeler started Kindergarten yesterday!  It was a bit emotional for me, but she did just fine.  I got the counter chalkboard during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and LOVE it! Wheeler’s Sandals // Wheeler’s Dress is old, but  I love this one.
Effie got pretty sad at one point, but after some fun activities and telling her that we’d see her sister after they all woke up from their naps, then she was okay.
Can’t wait to share the rest of this outfit with you on Tuesday’s post!
I hope everyone has been getting their Lilly Sale scores from last week.  None of mine have come in yet, but I’ve received shipment notifications, so I’m hoping they come in this week!
Shopbop just marked down lots of new items.  If you missed these gold Revas during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, they’re available during this sale and also in Nordstrom’s newest sale (see below).  Lots of sizes currently available.  I just ordered these Rag and Bone Flare jeans.  I’ve been wanting a pair of flares, but was waiting for the right price.  These are marked down to $105.
Nordstrom just started a huge Clearance Sale today.  It runs through September 7th.
Check out all my favorites below.  Click on images to shop or links below.

I also love the neutrality of this DVF Jeannie Dress and Parker Maxi Skirt.
Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. The same exact thing happened to my daughter she fell head first into a fountain inside the mall right next to me. She wreaked of chlorine and we had to make a mad dash for Gymboree! She got a little embarrassment and some new clothes out of it 😉

  2. Did you hear that Tory is change the style of their Reva's? Was in the store today inquiring about where I could find red ones for my wedding and they told me that they are eliminating the elastic on back of the shoes. The gold ones were the only elastic ones they had in the store. Tried the new ones and Definitely going to have to go down a half size now.

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