More Summer Sales: Nordstrom + OOTD + Sunscreen Info

As you’ve noticed from yesterday’s post, the summer sales have started!  You know how fashion works, most places are already thinking of their Fall line-up.  Crazy to think that here because I know I won’t be donning anything autumnal until at least October with this heat.  But that’s a good thing too.  Items on your wish list are marked down earlier to get them sold quicker, and you get to wear them now.  I mean after all, summer hasn’t even officially started yet.  But like I said, I’m not complaining.  Bring on the sales!
I posted a little later in the afternoon yesterday, so in case you missed it, check out my favorite pieces from Tory Burch’s Sale here or scroll through them below.

Shop the sale by category.
Puella Swing Top (now $39.95)
And Anthropologie’s Summer TAG Sale is still going on.  Tons of markdowns on really pretty pieces at great price points.  Posted some of my absolute faves on yesterday’s post.
Shop the sale by category.
Nordstrom just started their Summer Clearance Sale today!
Check out the whole selection here.  As always, shop soon for the best selection.
I included this Tassel Necklace in an outfit inspiration post about a month ago and now it’s only $11 with free shipping!  Practically giving it away!
Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale Faves

Trina Turk Fit & Flare Dress // Vince Camuto Off-Shoulder Top (I’ve been wanting to try one of these tops, but have been reluctant.  May try this one, at this price.) // Chevron Maxi Dress (Under $40?  Can’t beat that!) // Tie Waist Maxi Dress (Under $100) // DVF Aria Blue Dress (One of my favorites I’ve worn so much this season, now 40% off!) // DVF Yellow Shirtdress (Love the yellow on this one!) // Joie Floral Print Top // 1.State Pleated Overlay Dress 
I’m also really loving this Kate Spade Fish Straw Tote.
Wednesday’s OOTD
My Ray-Bans that I’ve been wearing lately, that I mentioned on Wednesday’s post had been marked down…well, they marked them down even further now.  They’re currently only $74!  An unreal deal!  Trust me when I tell you every girlfriend that I’ve seen in the last month has tried them on saying that they wanted a pair too.  Not sure how long these will last, but if you’re considering them, get them soon! 
I’ve had a few of you asking what suntan lotion I use on myself and the kids.  Well, honestly, I’ve been using a spray kind on the children this entire year so far.  It’s so convenient and they’ve never gotten sunburned so I figured it was safe.  I guess I’ve been living in a hole for awhile, but I had no idea how unsafe spray sunscreen is, especially when using it on children.  After hearing this, I googled it and found out that as far back as last summer the FDA did not recommend spray sunscreen because it increases the chances of your child inhaling the chemicals and harming their lungs.  I must admit, I felt guilty for not being properly up-to-date on this news, but now I know, and will never use it on them again.  So during nap time yesterday, I sat on my computer and researched a slew of different kinds of suntan lotions, wanting to find the safest, most protective kind, with the best consistency, not too gloopy, oily, etc.  It took awhile, but I finally settled on Blue Lizard.  I’ll get back to you as soon as they start using it and let you know how I like it.  It arrives in the mail today.
As for my face, I use Vanicream.  Warning:  When you first apply it, you will look like a ghost.  But that’s what I love about it.  I know it’s working and protecting my face well.  The whiteness eventually goes away, as it’s absorbed into your skin.  I used to use another dermatologist recommended sunscreen called Anthelios, but I found that it was more of just a moisturizer with sunscreen added, rather than a full-on sunscreen.  I guess if you’re looking to apply make-up after you  apply your suntan lotion, then I’d get the Anthelios kind, but if you’re planning on spending most of the day in the sun, then go for the Vanicream and toss on shades and a hat.  For my body, I use Coppertone Sport 30.  I’ve found that it stays on the longest.  One tip, if possible, apply your suntan lotion at home, right before you put your swimsuit on.  I’ve always done this, and I’ve also found that it’s easier to make sure you don’t miss a spot.  Plus, how many times do you get to the pool and say you’ll apply it, but after applying suntan lotion on your children and unpacking towels and pool toys, that you may forget to apply it all?
I try so hard to get the kids to wear hats while we’re at the pool.  Most of the time they really do wear them, but when they start playing and swimming, it’s impossible for them to keep them on.  The girls are constantly doing flips, handstands and “underwater tea parties” that there’s no way they could wear them.  And the boys’ favorite thing is to jump in the water, so their caps fly off enough times that they’re tired of putting them back on over and over again.  So the best thing I can do is to keep reapplying.
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  We head out of town on Monday for a two-week beach trip, so I’ll be busy getting the house in order and organized before we leave.  Lots of packing too!  I’ll admit I’m a little nervous as these recent shark attacks are on the same beach as we’ll be visiting!
TGIF, Y’all!

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  1. I just started using Beach Bum sunscreen and it smells amazing and works so good! They sell it at Target. My Dermatologist recommended Neutrogena & Coppertone for face. So many different ones out there. All of these shark attacks have me worried too. I bet I know what Beach you are headed to, I am there every weekend almost since my boyfriend lives there 🙂 I feel safer on the Boat now, LOL. Have a great weekend!

    1. One of my friends was using Beach Bum at the pool two days ago and I LOVED the smell of it! I may have to try that one sometime too! If you're there next weekend, maybe we can meet up?? Tell Kimberly to text you my number!

  2. Just placed my order for my first Barrington tote! Ah! I can't wait to get it! Thanks for the coupon code. I mentioned your blog in the referral area in check out 🙂
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