Nordstrom Kids’ Fall/Winter Shoe Favorites

I hope y’all enjoyed yesterday’s post on my favorite picks for kids’ Spring and Summer shoes from Nordstrom.  Today I’m bringing you my favorites for Fall and Winter.  I know the colder weather is finally behind most of us but it may be time to stock up on some favorites, since many kids’ shoes are currently on sale at Nordstrom for a limited time.
Each Fall I buy a pair of New Balance Shoes for each of the kids.  Cannot say enough about the quality of these shoes.  Love that they’re velcro too.  As a mother of four, anything to make getting out the door in the morning just a little quicker is a huge plus.  And I’m seriously hoping the girls pick these new fuchsia ones this Fall.
And clearly their New Balances have been worn well this year…even surviving a week at Disney without a single complaint about their feet hurting.
In the Winter I usually get them a pair of fun boots.  This year it was these Minnetonkas (currently on sale).  I actually loved them so much that I ended up getting myself a pair in brown here.  But if you lean more toward Uggs for your kiddos, many are on sale right now too.  Never too soon to be thinking about Christmas, right?
On rain boots…as far as Hunter Rain Boots go for the kids, I love them!  Y’all know how much wear I get out of mine.  While they’re so cute I usually like to snag them when they’re on sale.
And since they didn’t have a sale on them when E needed a new pair, I ended up getting her these ladybug boots.
Well, if you’re like me and have been waiting for Kids Hunter Boots to go on sale, you’re in luck!
They’re currently on sale now at Nordstrom.  The color block ones above are super cute and original!
Fun Fact:  I’m not sure if you knew this about Nordstrom, and it may only be at participating locations, but if you bring your chid in to Nordstrom and tell them you’re wanting to buy their first pair of shoes, they’ll do all these cute little things for your baby.  I think one thing is they give him/her a stuffed animal.  My sister just told me this a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea!  If only I’d known I’d have done it with all of mine when they were little!  Please let me know if you try this with your baby at your local Nordstrom.  Just another reason Nordstrom is such a great place to shop!
Shop the post below, full of kids Fall/Winter shoes I love from Nordstrom.

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, but it’s no secret how much I love their store!

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  1. Our Nordstrom takes a polaroid of your little one in their new shoes holding "Nordy." A cute white and lumpy stuffed animal, they put it in a card that reads "my first shoes!"

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