Aquarium Trip + Boys & Girls Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Yesterday, we visited the aquarium to beat the heat.  We hadn’t visited it in awhile, so we were happy to be back!  We also watched a presentation and got to talk to a scuba diver…or as Vaughn called her, an astronaut.  The girls finally got to try out the Hurricane Machine, and they loved it!  If you haven’t seen it before, basically you stand in a small enclosed room for about a minute and the wind picks up faster and faster until it’s a full-on ‘hair blowing everywhere’ wind.  They were cracking up!  Logan and Vaughn were in there too, but quickly exited when the wind started blowing.
One of our favorite memberships since moving here is to the aquarium!  Another place they love is the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, but it’s a little too spread out for me with four kids.  They all want to go into different rooms, and I can’t handle not being able to see them.  But if they’re in a really nice listening mood, they’ll cooperate and stay in each room before all moving to the next one.  I’ve heard great things about The Fire Museum too, and hope to take them there before school starts back.

As promised, here are my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for the boys and girls in your life.  There are some seriously good deals!  One of the best deals for me again this year is the Patagonia Sweater Jacket (girls and boys).  All of my children have one.  It’s the lightest, yet most insulating jacket they own.  If you order a little larger, they can easily get 2+ years out of it.  I actually need to get mine out and see if Wheeler or Effie have grown out of theirs, so I can order the next size up while it’s on sale.  My absolute favorite kids’ sale item is probably the Patagonia Vest.  Love the color combo.  Wish it came in my size!
I know, I know, for a lot of you, it’s pretty warm outside, but remember school will be starting soon.  Think back-to-school clothes.  Envision not scrambling at the last minute for new outfits, and saving money on them, to boot.  Stock up and save now and be stress-free later!  I know it’s hard with sizing children and ordering online, but remember that Nordstrom always offers free shipping and free returns, so I’d recommend ordering two sizes if you’re unsure, and then returning the one that doesn’t fit.
**Click on items to shop or links below.**

Tucker + Tate Hooded Jacket // Tea Collection Dress // Tucker + Tate Hipster Briefs (also in blue) // Patagonia Down Insulated Water-Resistant Jacket // UGG Boot (click here for the older girls’ style) // Nike Free 5.0 // Patagonia Vest (so wish this came in my size, love the colors!) // Tucker + Tate Faux Fur Vest (LOVE this one!) // Widgeon Leopard Faux Fur Coat (Widgeon also carries this Pink Faux Fur Coat and Ivory Faux Fur Coat), both part of the sale!) // Zella Girl Colorblock Leggings (love this color combo too) // Tucker + Tate Pink Booties (also available in leopard) // Wildfox Ice Cream Sweatshirt // Ruby & Bloom PJs (also love these lemon ones) // Pom Pom Swimsuit (for the older girls here) // Doll House // Tea Collection Striped Leggings // Tea Collection Twirl Top // Tea Collection Pink Leggings // The North Face Beanie // Panda Tights

If you’re lucky enough to have early access to the sale, remember that there are only three more days until the sale opens to the public.  And only three more days to get double points!
I know I’ve explained this before, but for any new readers this is really helpful while shopping the kids section at Nordstrom.  Sometimes the sizes listed for each kids’ item can be a little tricky.  It may appear that only an XS is available on some pieces.  This is because you may have the “Toddler” size clicked on the right side.  If you look under Toddler, you’ll see Little Boy/Girl.  Click on it, and more sizes will then show up.
Here’s an example…
See how it’s only showing sizes 2T and 3T available for this Faux Fur Vest?  If you click on ‘Big Girl’ under ‘Toddler’ you’ll then be able to see 7 and 8.  See below…
Hope that helps!
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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