Running Stats + New Running Shoes + Anniversary Sale Work-out Faves

As I mentioned last week, I’m talking all things running with you today.  So I started back a few weeks ago.  It felt so good to get back at it, but honestly I think it’s time to try and speed things up.  Whenever I get back into running mode, I always get it in my head that it’s the fact that I’ve motivated myself to get back out and running again, and that I shouldn’t care about speed, it’s just that I’m back…and I’m exercising.
Well, after a few weeks back at it, I think it’s time that my focus needs to be on running a little faster.  I’ll admit that I’m pretty proud of myself for staying motivated, for the most part, but I need to put my mind to it, in that the least I could do is speed up my first mile.  I’ve been doing some interval training, and it’s felt so good.  But in order to get faster, I still need to keep running.  Usually, I’ll stop and walk when I get tired and that’s when the intervals come in.  For every little bit I walk, I then sprint for a few tenths of a mile to make up for the walking time.  But even with all of that, I still know in the back of my mind that I can push my body more.  I know, I know, intervals are great too, but as far as getting faster, it’s all mental for me.  I think my body is ready to change my pace, but my mind is telling me I don’t think I’m quite up to the task.  But I’m starting my new kind of run today.  I’m planning on running my first mile the fastest I can, and I’ll let the second two miles figure themselves out, depending on how I feel.
You know I’ll keep you posted. 😉
The miles on 7/9 were from cycling, not running.
Another thing I will add is that exercising is such a good example for your children.  And just like they already want to do everything with you already, take them with you whenever you get a chance.  Now that my girls have mastered the skill of riding two-wheelers, we’ve been going on more bike rides.  But even if yours are younger, a scooter is perfect too.  Logan loves riding on his, while I run beside him.  And babies?  Toss them in a jogging stroller on your run.  I still even take the boys out with me in the Double BOB.  They love the views and the breeze (if you’re running fast enough, and trust me, mine let me know if I’m not – ha!).
For as many years as I’ve been running, and of all the running shoes I’ve tried, my Nike Free 5.0s are still my absolute favorite.  I usually get a new pair once a year.  I’ve been wearing a pair of black ones for awhile now, but when I found out I could customize my own pair, I decided to give it a try.  They’re supposed to arrive in three weeks.  Can’t wait to see them in person!  For fit, they’re true to size.  Here’s what mine will look like…
And my favorite part was getting to personalize them with my name on the back.
There are so many ways and colors to customize your own pair.  Trust me, it’ll take you awhile to decide what colors to go with, but it’s so much fun!

The Anniversary Sale has so many pretty colors for work-out gear this year.  I’m loving all the shades of pink, blue and purple.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Work-Out Faves
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Zella Live-In Leggings (also available in other colors like purple) & Printed Live-In Leggings
I have a few pairs of these.  They’re super comfortable and don’t stretch out.
$24.90 now, $48 after the sale
Love this for a cool morning run or tossing on before and after work-outs.  The big decision is which color.  Love all three colors so much!
$49.90 now, $88 after the sale
Again with the gorgeous colors from Zella in this cozy, pullover and sweatshirt.
$37.90 now, $58 after the sale
The shape of this sports bra looks like it would be so comfortable to work-out in.
Available in five colors.
$29.90 now, $45.00 after the sale
Because we all need more pairs of white socks.
Two pairs are only $6.90 and ship for free.

For running in the summer, I’m always looking for the next best pair of shorts.  I’m hoping these will stay put and not ride up or down, just like my Nike Tempos that are currently on sale too.
Not exactly the pants to wear while exercising, but more for lounging.
Well-deserved after a hard work-out and shower.

P. S. In case you missed this weekend’s posts, I featured my favorite women’s clothing from the sale (almost everything I featured is under $100), as well as my favorites in shoes and beauty.

Starting today at Lilly Pulitzer, and only while supplies last, spend $300+ and enjoy a free concert!

I just got this top last week, and wore it twice over the weekend (Effie was waiting on her turn to ride her bike with Lanier, and yes, she asked if she could wear those pink sunglasses on her ride).  My top runs a tad bit small.  I’m wearing a medium.

There’s so much pretty Lilly that keeps coming out…

I hope y’all have a great start to your week!  This morning, it’s all about cleaning out the kids’ toys and clutter.  Not sure yet if the kids are dead-set on helping me, but fingers crossed they will be!

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