Fashion Friday: HAPPY NEW YEAR! + My NYE OOTN + OOTD + More Lilly After Party Sale Info

 So I always start my year of resolutions the day after the new year begins…for us, New Year’s Day always leads to hearty food (i.e. Bojangles) and lots of time to rest.  This year, I’m keeping my resolutions simple.
– Lose weight and get back in shape!
– Read at least one book a month.
Simple enough, right?

As I start the new year attempting to get back in shape, I still plan on using My Fitness Pal to log my food, and Endomondo for my running time and stats.  I’ve just got to get back into being more consistent.  Like logging everyday and running as often as I can.  This time around, Lanier and I are going to try either a Fitbit (Men/Women) or Jawbone.  Do you have one?  Which do you prefer?

Anthropologie Yumi Kim Top // Paige Verdugo Jeans // Kendra Scott Necklace // Kate Spade Mini Maise Bag // Tory Burch Stackable Rings // Stella & Dot Cady Bracelet // Pave Ball Studs // Tory Burch Revas // Essie Back in the Limo


Stripe Wrap Cardigan (Still on sale for $39.90 and available in over twenty-five colors; for fit, I’m a 4/6 and the size small was the best fit.) // Ballerina Pink Tieks (I’m an 8.5 and wear an 8 in them.) // Essie Back in the Limo // AG Stevie Jeans (true to size) // Michael Kors Blair Watch // Kate Spade Confetti Case

While Lilly still hasn’t officially announced their sale for this Monday, I’m pretty certain I’ve guessed it correctly.  I like to go by my Elsa Rule.  Y’all know how much I love my Elsa Tops.  Well, I just checked the selection here, and many of them have been pulled.  This means they’re probably going to post them back during the sale.  And when I went to make sure my account was up-to-date here, look what it says at the top of the page.  Yeah, it’s coming!!  To have you more prepared, I’m sharing more tips for you below.  These are the same tips I shared back in August, but I know I have some new readers, and even longtime followers may want a refresher.  Hope it helps!

UPDATE: Lilly Pulitzer has now announced it!  The sale will be this Monday and Tuesday!

The most important thing to prepare yourself for the After Party Sale is to create an account.  The reason?  When the sale goes live on Monday at 8am SHARP, you’re going to start adding your favorite items to your cart.  And when you go to check-out, if you haven’t created an account, it’s going to take you that much longer to go through the check-out process.  And during this sale, longer is not a good thing.  Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t allow you to hold/reserve items once they’re in your cart, so they’re not confirmed until you’ve completely checked out.  Sometimes items leave your cart as soon as you’ve added them.  Not joking on that one.
One strategy I always use is to pick out my absolute ‘must-have’ favorites quickly first, then check-out as fast as I can.  That way I know my most coveted pieces are confirmed mine.  Lilly Pulitzer offers free shipping during the sale, so you can always go back for more.  Which I ALWAYS do.  The sale lasts two days.  This one lasts from January 5th at 8am, until January 6th at midnight, and you can usually still find me online at Tuesday at 11:30pm still placing my last order.  Even if you’re not planning on shopping a lot during the sale, maybe just wanting to check it out, I’d still set up an account ahead of time.  Just wait until you see the prices.  You’ll be kicking yourself when all you may have wanted is that one thing, and then it sells out before you could finish checking out.  When I shop this sale, I know it’s hard to think of summer if you’re in cold temps like we are, but it’s a good idea.  Since my girls wear Little Lilly Shifts all summer, I try and stock up when they’re on sale, and especially if there are girls’ swimsuits I try and guess what size they’ll be in the summer (one thing to note is that their girls’ swimsuits run small, so be sure and order up).  Great ideas for baby gifts and birthdays, as well.  What little girl wouldn’t want a little shift dress for their birthday?  Click here to create an account.
Loading Errors: I’m going to be honest, Lilly’s site ALWAYS crashes.  Like I’m talking every year.  No matter how well they prepare for this sale, their system can’t handle the popularity of this sale and the flooding of all the clicks, hits, etc.  I say it every single year, but here’s hoping this won’t happen this year.  Maybe this will be the year that all of us have smooth transactions.  I know it’s hard, but if it does crash, have some patience.  The Lilly team works extremely hard to prepare for this online sale, and how great is Lilly to even offer all of us such a fabulous online sale?  If you’re anxious, just keep checking back, refreshing, whatever works for you, until the sale is back up again.  You can usually check their Facebook page too, for the latest updates during the sale.
Alright, I hope I’ve prepared y’all as much as I can for Monday’s Sale!  And remember, the most important thing you can do now is to create an account.  Oh, and if you want to be one of the first ones to check out the sale come Monday morning, don’t forget to set your alarm!  Some of you girls said you have school starting back on Monday so you’ll have to miss the beginning, that’s okay!  There will be plenty up for grabs during the two days of the sale.  On the second day, sometimes they change the inventory and add more stock.  So you may get lucky, and snag something you missed out on the first day.
Be sure and check back here early Monday morning, maybe while you’re waiting for the sale to start? I’ll be providing some photos of recent Lilly items I own, that may be part of the sale.  I’ll also include sizing help and fit guides.  After the sale goes live at 8am, I’ll be updating my site throughout the day with my favorites from the sale, and what some of the best deals are, so be sure and keep checking back.
So tell me, what items are you hoping will be part of the sale this year??
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  Effie complained about her ear hurting yesterday, so I may take her in today to get it checked.  Although I’m a bit afraid to bring her to the doctor right now.  The flu is going around like crazy here right now.  Like the hospitals aren’t even allowing visitors under 18 into the hospital because of it.  Would hate for her to pick something up if I brought her in.  
Tonight, my sister and her husband are having a gender reveal party.  So extremely excited about what they’re going to have!  This will be parents’ 11th grandchild, and the oldest is Wheeler (6).  Tomorrow the Panthers play their first game in the playoffs!  So excited!  Really hoping they play as well as they did last week.  It’s a home game too!  On Sunday, they’re calling for a thunderstorm here.  The old wives tale is that it will snow ten days later!  I sure hope so!  We want to see some before the season’s over.  I’m sad the children have to go back to school on Monday, but they’re excited to see their friends that they’ve missed.
Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: HAPPY NEW YEAR! + My NYE OOTN + OOTD + More Lilly After Party Sale Info

  1. I went back and forth about the jawbone vs fitbit too. Then one of my coworkers go the Vivo by garmin. I missed with hers and loved it even more. Its actually a little cheaper than the fit bit and the reviews are even better! Plus it interfaces with HR monitors and seems a little more accurate per reviews since garmin has been in the work out game for quite some time!

  2. Ashley Happy New Year to you and your family! Lilly says the sale will be the 5th and 6th they are calling this one the after party sale again! Hmmm anyway I have the fitbit and its great the app is really wonderful too PLUS Tory Burch has the fitbit bracelet.

  3. I also was reading about the Garmin Vivo and I'm torn. The Garmin uses a regular battery and has a year long charge with that. Seems like a big plus up over having to charge the fitbit. I like the fitbit version because it vibrates and that seems like a nice way to wake up. So many choices! Too many choices.

  4. I love my Jawbone and the UP24 app for iPhone and iPad that works with it. BUT, since Tory Burch has the Fitbit bracelet I am thinking of switching. I have a friend who loves the Fitbit. I know Jawbone syncs with My Fitness Pal app which I have been using for awhile now.

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