My Go-To Lulu + A Reels Recap

Green Shorts //Purple Shorts // Brown Leggings // Black Tank (since this one is cotton, I not only wear it to workout, but I also love it as a tank for everyday) // Pink Sports Bra (my go-to sports bra! Have it in so many different colors) // Orange Oversized Cropped Hoodie // Gray Tank // Cropped Sweatshirt // Running Shoes (these run big, definitely go down at least a half-size) // Crossbody // Flip Flops

I did an “Ask Me Anything” post on stories the other day and someone asked if I dress up everyday.  I certainly don’t, but most recently we’ve had events going on, so I’ve definitely dressed up more often than I usually do.  Most days, I wear what you see above.  For fit, Lulu runs small.  So make sure you size up at least one (sometimes two) sizes.

Click here for one of my Lulu Reels.

Tank // Sunnies // Effie’s Tank is an old Lulu one of mine called the Essential Tank, but they discontinued the style a few years ago.

Striped Top // Crossbody // Shorts

Tank // Shorts // Shoes

Oversized Cropped Sweatshirt // Pants

Cropped Define Jacket

These cutoffs are another go-to for summer.  Love the length.  They fit true to size. // Tank // Flip Flops

Paired my cutoffs here with this swimsuit (use code: ASHLEYBJS10 to save $10 off your order)

Funnel Neck Oversized Half Zip // Leggings

Tank // Shorts

Tank // Shorts

Tank // Shorts

I clearly like this cropped sweatshirt color the most, but I have it in like five colors.  It’s probably just because it’s always the first thing I see and grab it.  Trust me on this one, but it is the softest, buttery fabric.  You will LOVE it!  // Tank // Shorts // Shoes

If you follow me on Instagram, I really enjoy doing reels.  I can tell you I’m not the best at them, but they’re so fun to put together.  I probably need to take a class to figure out how to make them better, but for now I thought you’d enjoy my latest ones…

Summer Lilly Love – Shop all looks here

Fun Boat Day with Friends

Girls’ Piano Recital

New Bunk Beds – (Shop Bunk Beds – Use code: SSP15 for 15% off the entire site)

Girls’ Chorus Trip to Disney

Wheeler’s Love of Composing Her Own Original Music

Wheeler’s Braces Are Off!

Meet Smoke

Best One-Piece Suits (Shop Swim Suits – Use code: ASHLEYBJS10 for $10 off your order)

We Learned Another Dance

We Love Carowinds!

An Evening at the Theater

Don’t forget you can always shop all of my most recent looks here.

Hope y’all are having a great week so far.  The weather hasn’t been the best this week, but nothing to complain about too much.  Just lots of clouds and rain.  Hoping for better weather over the weekend so we can head out to the beach.  Plus, it’s Wheeler’s birthday on Sunday!