My Favorite Pool Essentials + An OOTD

I’ve had a few of you ask about my favorite essentials when we head to the pool.  Here are my tried and true favorites…
Hayden Reis has been my favorite pool tote for over three years!  It wipes clean and is super easy to carry everything you need for the pool/beach with how many inner pockets it has.  I have the Ditty size.
The Sunscreen Pouch can fit around four tubes of suntan lotion.  I use mine every single pool day.
I cannot say enough good things about this Beach Bud Bag.  It’s a great size to fit an extra pair of clothes or for us, I usually toss their pjs in there.  When mine were little, this is where I kept extra diapers and wipes.
I store my keys, phone and sunglasses case in my wristlet.  
I feel like this needs no explanation anymore because I’m constantly raving about it.
Just get it, and you’ll understand.  Haha!
These will always be my absolute favorite style sunglasses.
When Logan’s hair started to turn green from chlorine, a friend recommended this UltraSwim shampoo, and it’s worked wonders.  Most of the green is out in just one wash.
We take this Wet Brush with us to the pool every trip, after I wash their hair.  Works wonders!  No tangles!
Love my big Barbie pink beach towel!
Other essentials we love: toys for the kids (dinosaurs, cars, tennis balls, we LOVE this ball!), juice boxes, and Vanicream (use it on my face and it covers so well).
My sweet Wheeler Beatrice turned 8 on Saturday.  While she asked for a space theme, she tried on this dress from my mom (her Gigi) and asked if she could wear it to the party.  Then Effie wanted to wear one from our dress-up box too.  So we ended up bringing a few more princess dresses for the other girls attending the party.  Sorry boys, we didn’t have much for them to wear.  They didn’t seem to care.  So princesses in space?  Whatever works!
My inlaws came in town to help Wheeler celebrate (Grammy and Poppy to them).
I wish I would’ve snapped a pic of Wheeler’s expression.  She was so excited when she entered space!  Can’t wait to share more pics of the party with you on this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts!
My mother-in-law gave each of the kids hooded beach towels with their names on them (they’re currently all on sale with an additional 20% off with code: FRIENDS).  You may remember when I posted about them here.
She gave Wheeler this cute suit for her birthday (sold out, loving this one too)…
…and this cute hermit crab tee.  Effie already had the other scuba girl one.  I got it for her recently because it looked like her.
Father’s Day was awesome!  The kids wrote Lanier the sweetest cards and he loved all of his gifts.
I’ll tell you what, this Essie style may be the only kind I wear all summer!  Ha!  I have two of the tees from last year, but this year I just couldn’t help getting this pink one.  You may remember that I’m a fan of the dresses, but the tees are just as great!  Paired it with this necklace and denim cutoffs.  My shorts are from last year, but these are this year’s version, also available in more sizes here.
It’s National Wear Your Lilly Day!  What Lilly are you wearing??
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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  1. It's the same size as the Beach Bud Bag I featured, but unfortunately the anchor print has sold out. If you email them, they may be able to create it for you, even though it's not featured online.

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