My Favorite Jeans of the Season!

When it gets cooler out, I’m always on the hunt for a go-to pair of jeans that I know I’ll grab all fall and winter long.  Usually it takes some time to decide on which pair that might be.  Well, this time, I got lucky!  One of the first pairs that I noticed online that I liked, I tried on, and knew right away they were the ones!
When shopping for a pair of jeans, I have a few key things to take into consideration before I commit to a pair…
The Length
Especially if they’re ankle-length, the jeans must hit me right at my ankle, not a little higher or a little lower.  I realize that I can alter them later, but I’m 5’6″ and have found that many ankle length jeans hit me at the right spot, without having to alter them.
The Fit
Not too tight, not too loose.  This is a tough one because you never really know how loose they’re going to get unless you have some time to walk around in them, to notice if they’ll stretch out.  But I will say, you do want them a little snug because every pair of jeans stretches out a little.
The Pockets
Some pockets flatter, others do not.  In my opinion, the larger the pocket, the smaller your rear looks.  But make sure the pocket isn’t too large.
The Wash
It’s this simple – the darker the wash, the thinner you’ll look.  That’s not to say we should all wear darker denim all the time, but when I’m looking for a go-to pair, I like the wash to be on the darker side.
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So, all in all, after some searching, this year’s go-to jeans are these AG Contour 360 Ankle Leggings.  The fit is a little snug, but not too much, they haven’t stretched out at all, and they’re true to size.

The length hits at the right spot.

The pockets are a great size.

And the wash is a great dark blue that will pair with so much in my wardrobe this season.

If you’re shopping for other contenders, I’ve included some more I liked below…

Seriously though, if you’re trying to decide on a pair, try these AG ones out.  I ordered mine from Nordstrom, mostly because you all know I love Nordstrom anyway – they have the best customer service!  But also because they have free shipping and free returns, so I knew I could order a few pairs to try out and simply return the ones that didn’t work out.  When I say it’s simple, the sticky return label is inside the box, so all you have to do is stick it on and it’s ready to be shipped back – no printing required.
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!
Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post.

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  1. I am new to your blog and I love it! Just ordered the sweater! Ps. Love your dog, I grew up with boston terriers and we have a half frenchie/half boston dog ourselves.

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