Our Mountain Weekend: Part Two

My old Hunter boots sure came in handy!

More photos from our trip!

These little scarf and hat sets  (only $11 for the set!) were a big hit!  As were their gloves.

Vaughn was very proud of his fort!

With so much snow that didn’t stop, it was hard to build a snowman.  This was the best we could do.  Wishing we’d had one more day to enjoy the snow without it falling.

And when I say a lot of snow.  This is how much we got in just two days!  Still can’t believe we made it out!


We had beautiful views from our place.  Two of the days it was pure white without a view, but I was able to capture some great pics on the morning we left.

Hat // Sweatshirt // Leggings // Boots // Sunnies

This jacket runs big.  I’m wearing a small, but could’ve even done an extra small.

We stayed in Seven Devils near Grandfather Mountain in the Boone area.  This was such a last minute trip, but so thankful we did it!  Thank you for all of your suggestions!  We definitely got our Winter Wonderland!

Enjoying 70 degree weather today and can’t believe we’re expecting icy conditions tomorrow.  And we just got word that the kids are having virtual school because of inclement weather.  Another extended weekend for us!

Head back to this post for Part One of our trip.

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