Monday Musings

I hope y’all had a great weekend!  We finally got a glimpse of spring here, and spent lots of time outside.  It even hit 70 yesterday?!  Can’t wait to share photos of our weekend with y’all on this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts.
I can’t even believe it, but even though we’re in warmer temps, they’ve already called off school for tomorrow because there’s a chance of freezing rain, you read that right.  Not snow, but freezing rain.  I’m already trying to think up some activities so we don’t get too stir-crazy.
Are y’all going anywhere fun for Spring Break this year?  I’ll be back next week to share some cute little outfits and necessities you may need for you and/or your little ones.  Aren’t these little Mara Hoffman Shorts above so bright and fun?  As soon as I showed them to Effie she wanted to wear them right away!  The best part is whatever you shop for now, will carry you on into the summer months…even though some of you may have to store them away for a little while, once you get back into town.
A few of you asked about how Boozer was adjusting to his new home.  He’s happy, but his freedom is a little more limited now.  He used to have a doggy door, so he could run in and out when he pleased. In this rental, we have no doggy door.  But he does a good job of letting us know when he wants to go out or come in.  But it’s definitely different for him and us.  And our backyard has a great, safe fence, so when he does go out, he has free roam outside.
I was so impressed by the dresses last night at the Oscars.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see many of the movies that were nominated, so I didn’t have any favorites.
But my absolute favorite dresses were Jennifer Aniston’s and Emma Stone’s.
Especially when they did this!  Hilarious!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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