Monday Manners: A Super Easy, Crafty Gift!

My parents gave these to friends for Christmas a couple of years ago.
They were so creative, and so simple!

Basically, they ordered blank wine bottles from a place close to our city (with quick shipping!).

 They bored a small hole into the bottle, close to the bottom.
Side note: They didn’t bore the hole in the bottom (as shown above).
The bottle sits better if you bore the hole close to the bottom, on the side.
 They inserted the small line of Christmas lights…added a gold bow to tie at the top, and voila!
Your friends will love it!  We still display ours every year!
 Photo Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4


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An update: My sister who ran her first marathon here in town on Saturday, did AMAZING!  
We’re all so proud of her!!  She finished in 3:48.  Not too shabby at all!
Happy Monday, Y’all!

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