Monday Manners: Southern Miscellaneous Food

This weekend was quite relaxing here, filled with lots of tissue and cold medicine for myself and the girls.  Thankfully, the hubs was out of town for the weekend, so hopefully he won’t catch what we’ve had, upon arriving home.  I’m hoping everyone’s weekend fared much better than ours!

Some of the Southern foods I have listed for this week would sure soothe a good cold…boiled peanuts, anyone?  I see some food I would NEVER eat.  Has anyone tried pickled pig’s feet!  Yuck!  I was grossed out even typing it…and I’ll be nice and NOT provide a picture for this one!

Southern Food Delicious Randomness

  • Cheese straws – This has always been my grandfather’s specialty!  He makes them all the time, and they’re absolutely delicious!

  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • Peanuts in Coke – My father-in-law (grew up in southern Georgia) has always done this on road trips.  Such a convenient idea!  Now I do it too.

  • Pickled pigs feet
  • Pimento cheese sandwich – Ruth’s or Stan’s?  That’s always the question when asked about which pimento cheese is your favorite, in the Carolinas.  Ruth’s is made in South Carolina, Stan’s is North Carolina.  Although living in North Carolina most of my life, my parents are both South Carolinians, so we grew up eating Ruth’s.  Yum!

Happy Monday, Y’all!  
Stay tuned for next week’s Southern food, it’s Southern dessert time!
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20 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Southern Miscellaneous Food

  1. Hope y'all are all feeling better! Being sick is definitely the pits! I had never heard of pimento cheese sammies until we moved to Alabama, now I see them on menus everywhere. I just had a new appetizer at a local fav restaurant this past weekend, Muffuletta cheese bread! So yummy!

  2. New to your blog! Love it! I am also from NC. And I would choose Ruth's any day. I love Frito pie. We always make it for Sunday night football. I'm a new follower.

  3. Yes, we grew up eating Ruth's, but now I eat Stan's…had to make the switch…it's so much thicker! 🙂

    I ate a container of Ray-Ray's cheesestraws last week! Yum! (and like he says, they don't have any calories…so I didn't count them) 🙂

    Missed you yesterday! Hope y'all are feeling better 🙂

  4. I love cheese straws-they are so delicious! When I went to Charleston over the summer, there were boiled peanuts everywhere, but I never see them in VA.

    I hope you and the girls are feeling better! Have a great day!

  5. I love pimento cheese which I recently discovered on another blog. I make it all the time. Yum!

    Mufffuletta…delicious! Love the olives.

    Never heard of peanuts in Coke. Hum…interesting.

    Have a great day.

    By the way, I finally answered the 8 Questions. Gave you a "shout out," too. 🙂

  6. Mmmmmm, that Muffuletta looks yummy! I LOVE olives! I gave you a shout out for tipping everyone off on my birthday coming up! Ah…I would've told everbody anyways, like we bloggers can keep a secret! Ha! Glad you're feeling a little better!

  7. I hope you are all feeling better!!

    I just made 2 lbs of boiled peanuts last weekend. Living in VA we rarely see them 🙁 I can't wait for another trip to SC, so I've started making them myself. Yummmmm!!!

  8. You should try Katie Lee's recipe for Pimiento Cheese in "The Comfort Table" cookbook, it is divine. I made it for the first time on Sunday and brought the sandwiches down to the courts for my tennis match. They were a hit, so easy to make and sinfully good.

  9. Hope you gals are feeling better!

    Pickled pigs feet – yuck! I've seen those in lots of gas stations over the years and they always gross me out!

    LOVE cheese straws and boiled peanuts – yum! I also love pimento cheese – of course we have it all over the place here in Charleston, but there is a brand in the grocery stores – Palmetto Cheese (they have a website) – that is soooooo good! I get it at the Piggly Wiggly down here but if you ever run across it you have to give it a try – delish! 🙂

  10. Girl, you must try Palmetto Cheese…it's pimento cheese still completely made by scratch/hand in Pawley's Island. I read about it in Southern Living & found it at Bi-Lo, but Harris Teeter recently started selling it, too. To die for!!

  11. hahaha oh my gosh, you have no idea how excited I was to read about pickled pigs feet!! When I was little I was in LOVVVEEE with them! They were like a little treat and I would beg my mom to buy them at the store, she would be so grossed out!! haha

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