Monday Manners: Southern Hospitality

The following is from Putting on the GRITS (Girls Raised in the South):  A Guide to Southern Entertaining.  If y’all don’t own this book, it’s a must!  I refer back to it a lot, and read all kinds of excerpts from it.  On hospitality:

“Hospitality is at the heart of Southern tradition.  We may not always be happy to have so many visitors (just ask anyone on I-285 at rush hour), but we’ve always been warm and welcoming, and we’ve done all we can to make sure that they felt special under our watch.  Southern girls know how to turn on the charm, and we do it with the same warmth and caring whether we’re talking to a multimillionaire or an auto mechanic.  We’re all God’s creatures, after all, and we love everyone (even the woman who can’t remember our name after we’ve been introduced to her fine times, bless her heart).”

Although I will add, you don’t have to be Southern, to be hospitable.

Good manners start early!  We got W her play kitchen, passed down from a friend, last week.  She is obsessed with it.  Can you tell?  This was before church on Sunday morning.  P.S.  Don’t you love our Lilly dresses?  πŸ™‚


We survived Shrek 3D!

On Saturday morning, I had to wake W up at 8:00, which I hate to do.  Anything is worse than waking a baby, while they’re in sweet slumber mode.  But we had to make it to Shrek:  Forever After, by 9:00, when all the pre-show festivities started, that the company my husband works for set-up at the movie theater.  When we got there, they had free everything:  a caricature artist, a photographer, a balloon maker, concessions, breakfast and fun Shrek ears and toys to play with.  I was not expecting this at all.  W loved it all, and both she and even E sat through the entire movie without a sound.  Can you believe it?  W even watched without the 3D glasses (she refused to put them on), and ended up watching it entirely a little blurry because it was 3D.  I wonder what she’ll think when we take her to another movie, when it is actually clear.

Here’s the corny picture that was taken while there.  I apologize for the blurry photo, it’s a photo of a photo.  W is wearing the Shrek ears here, and the hubs is holding her flower balloon.  You can kind of tell how tired she was in the beginning.  By the end of the movie, she was dancing in the aisles.  It was actually a good movie, scary in parts for little kiddos, but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it.  So the movie was a success!

We left E in her carseat holder, for the photo.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.  My next giveaway will be announced.  Yay to 150 followers!

36 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Southern Hospitality

  1. That sounds like SUCH a fun time! We took the dude to Disney this weekend. He was a wild man. HA! Love your Lilly frocks!

  2. I love your Lilly dresses, you two look absolutely adorable! I love the play kitchen! We had neighbors that gave me all of their play kitchen stuff (they had like 8 pieces) and I loved it! Glad you guys enjoyed Shrek it sounds like they had some amazing activities!

  3. Southern hospitality is one of my favorite things about the South! I love, love that Lilly dress you're wearing… so cute. And your daughters are so precious! xoxo

  4. Couldn't agree more with good ol' southern hospitality! I've had people look at my like I'm crazy when I smile or speak on the street but that's their problem.

    Love the coordinating dresses – too cute!

    Yay! I'm so glad the movie premiere was a success. How is it that they know the mornings we have something planned and decide those are the days they want to sleep in? Seriously!

  5. That little cheesing face! How precious! She is a doll!! I am glad she had a good time!
    And the Lilly dresses are really summery and cute!

  6. You and your daughter are so adorable in your Lilly dresses!!! And what a fun event your hub's work put on for the kids! That sounds like an awesome day!


  7. love you in your lilly!! muffy still plays kitchen! her favorite store is pottery barn kids — she runs right to the kitchen sets and starts cooking and setting up! she also cannot wait to see shrek 3! we plan on going while we're home in TN in a couple weeks. She loves going to the movies with Mimi!

  8. Oh my high school was FAR from Ivy League, we weren't very smart. You are so sweet to think that!

  9. Adorable! Your little girl is so cute. I love Monday Manners and envy the southern charm. I wish I was born in the south :).

    πŸ™‚ Marcie

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend! And the mother-daughter picture Immediately brought a smile to my face – you both look darling in your Lily!

  11. Now that is some play kitchen! Y'all look precious. Glad you lived to tell the tale of Shrek! Sounds like a fun fun fun weekend!

  12. GRITS is a staple on my bookshelf. You two look absolutely precious in your Lilly! I so hope I have a little girl when the time comes. πŸ™‚

  13. You look GREAT in that Del Mar…and so does your daughter. So precious!!! And yes…I might be putting the Giddy Up Del Mar dress and Bel Air dress on sale soon. You'll be the first to know πŸ™‚ YAY! Have a great Monday!

  14. Aren't you two in your Lilly dresses just the cutest?!?! What a fun time at the Shrek 3 movie! I didn't know it was in 3D only – I will admit that I am sure I will see this movie because I thought the other Shrek movies were adorable!

  15. Love the picture of you and W in your Lilly!!! πŸ™‚ So picture perfect! I can't wait to see Shrek! I love the Shrek movies.
    Have a wonderful week!!

  16. Being hospitable is so important. There is nothing worse than feeling unwelcome in someone’s home. Little Miss W looks adorable in her Lilly dress and she looks like she loves playing in her fun kitchen (you look great in your dress too, mom πŸ˜‰

    Going to see Shrek with the kids sounds like a smashing success and the event itself sounds like it was done really well!

  17. Great post. I love the pic of you & your daughter! Love the Lilly! My daughter has that pattern in a bathing suit & a tunic– it's one of my favorites!! Have a great day! xox MBM

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