Monday Manners: Southern Gentlemen

If you are married, dating or even looking, does your husband/boyfriend/potential boyfriend possess these qualities and manners, that all true Southern Gentlemen should have?  My husband may not possess all of these, but he does possess some.  And the others?  We’re working on those.  Following this etiquette, and possessing these qualities, truly makes a Southern Lady feel respected and loved.  Agreed?

A Southern Gentlemen:

– Says “yes, sir/ma’am” and “no, sir/ma’am” when necessary

– Opens car doors for his lady

– Always stands closer to the road when walking with his lady on a street

– Pulls a chair out for his lady

– Is well-groomed (but not TOO well-groomed, you know where I’m going here, NOT metrosexual!)
  (More Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama, less Ryan Seacrest on Idol)

– Always drops his lady off close to a door, if he must park far away

– Always opens doors for others

– Allows others to get onto elevators first

– Is charming, gracious and respectable

– Offers to get drinks for his lady and friends at social gatherings

– Has an amazing Southern accent (i.e. Matthew McConaughey-hey)

– Is genuine and courteous

– Can shag (okay, maybe not all Southern gents can do this, but this is MY list  🙂  )

 – Always kisses his lady before leaving the house

Alright, I think I’ve thought of enough for now.  Please add more, if you think of others.  I know I’ve left many out.  Doesn’t this just make you happy you’re with a Southern Gentlemen.  This post would be fun to show your significant other, too.  Maybe they could make a mental of note of them, Southern or not. *wink wink*

Also, wanted to give a little shout-out!  Way to Go, Phil!  Although he may not be Southern, what a perfect way to end the weekend, the Masters, the whole Tiger drama…letting a wholesome man, committed to his family, WIN IT!  God really knows what he is doing sometimes, doesn’t he?  What a wonderful message for everyone to see.  And continued prayers for his wife and mother, both battling cancer.

 Phil receiving the famous Masters green jacket, after his win.  Given to him by the previous winner, Angel Cabrera.
Phil and his wife, Amy, after his big win.

19 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Southern Gentlemen

  1. Awww!!! What a great post! My husband has quite a few of those. That's the reason I married him!! 🙂 He's not a dancer though and it's been a while since he opened the car door for me. I'm going to have to get him back into that. I love your new banner!! Lovin' the pineapples!!! Have a great day!!

  2. My hubby has just about every one of those. I'm so thankful for a Southern Gentleman…maybe I need to be more of a Southern Belle for him (more cleaning and cooking!) since he does all that too!

  3. YAY for our southern beaus, this is the bestest post ever. So thrilled for Phil and his family, it was amazing to watch him hug Amy, and see the unspoken love and joy between them.

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look! So fun, and SO YOU!! XXOXO

  4. Ahhhh, love southern gentlemen! One of the best things about the South, I always say!

    And yes, yes, yes to your comments on Phil. SO excited that he won!

  5. what a wonderful post! there is NOTHING better than a southern gentleman! only thing i'd add is "can dance" just because i think it is a sexy attribute! 🙂 i remember moving from AL to go to college in the midwest and making my declaration (a-la Dixie Carter –RIP) for what qualities my future college bf would have….one boy in particular listened up, and proved he was worthy! That lasted for 5 years, till I moved WAY up north and fell for a Yankee…who, after 9 years of marriage, still needs to brush up on these skills. I'm going to fwd this to him!

  6. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and following! 🙂

    I love this post and I am with you. I need a shag partner! Must be a Carolina thing.

    I absolutely bawled when Phil won yesterday! Good for him!!

  7. So glad you found my blog, because I absolutely adore yours! And I agree – there is nothing like a gentleman!

    PS – I also play tennis, so I am with you on your love of the game. So fun!
    PPS – Your children are absolutely a-dorable!

  8. Great post! I am so glad that Michelson won the MAster and getting to see him kiss his wife was so sweet! Plus, I am a tennis fanatic. Played in school and college and wish I would have pursued it more! Anyway, I am visiting from SOuthern MAmas! So glad to have you join us! I just love your blog and hope to keep in touch!

  9. Thank you for a great post – I've never read your blog before. Thanks to Shopaholic in Al – I found you!

    Although I am from the South, my husband is from Southern California and I am proud to say he accomplishes all of the things you listed. And he is a great golfer!

    Now our goal is to have our four sons learn these same traits. It is so disheartening when one of our sons uses 'ma'am' or the person's proper name 'Mrs. Smith' for me to hear – 'Oh you are so formal. Please call me Mary.' Manners and chivalry are obsolete in So Cal!

    Thank you again for the post.
    Jennifer McIntyre

  10. Hello Ashley,
    Thanks so much for stopping by The DC Ladies yesterday, we love meeting out "South'an Sista's" especially Sar who is finishing up her last weeks of college down in the sweet south. For the last four years she has shared the difference between the southern gentleman and the northern guys, so sad that there is such a difference. I know she hopes to come home and hopefully find a displaced southern gentleman. We'd love to have you follow along and be added to your blogroll, let us know if you'd like to be added to ours. We are starting a South'an Sister Column every other Friday starting next week! Have a wonderful day!
    Smiles from DC,
    Shelley and Sarah

  11. i have also heard that a true southern gentleman can walk into a room full of folks, and quickly determine his "place" in that room.

    he won't just assume that he can dominate the room, nor will he cower in the corner.

    suthn gent in progress

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