Monday Manners: Southern Candies

I hope all of you had a splendid weekend, filled with lots of relaxation and fun!  I cleaned and organized my house while the husband was hunting in Georgia.  I did manage to squeeze in some fun with friends, and a birthday celebration for my sister, #3 of the 6 girls!  Happy 27th, C!

Just in time for Halloween, approaching this Sunday, I thought I would provide a list of Southern Candies I found on wikianswers.  Please add ones that are absent from the list, as I feel there could be a lot more listed, than the ones I provided.  Have you tried many of these candies?  Guess you learn something new everyday, I thought pralines were more of a specialty in Savannah and Charleston, but I guess they go as far south as New Orleans.  Love those tasty treats!  Hope y’all enjoy!

  • Kentucky Cream Candy – a pulled candy that is made usually during the colder months (40 deg or below) of the year when humidity is low

 These just melt in your mouth!  My favorite!!
Happy Monday! 
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21 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Southern Candies

  1. Well now that my mouth is totally watering! Have you ever seen someone make pulled candy? It is only for the experienced, that's for sure! You basically are "pulling" it while it's still piping hot. I'm pretty sure the people pulling it have no feeling left in their hands! But it tastes SO good!

  2. I love pralines!!! We always made them growing up when the weather got cooler! They're delicious on their own but crumble them over vanilla ice cream and you're in heaven!!

  3. I LOVE the minipumpkins at the top. That's a cute idea.

    I think my favorite sweets are moonpies and pralines, and right now I'm wishing I had some!

  4. What fun sounding goodies. I'm from LA and we don't have any special treats – that I know of. Although I have heard of peanut brittle 🙂

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  5. We make wonderful pecan pralines, along with the traditional pecan fudge, to give as Christmas gifts. Oh, that melt in your mouth brown sugar and butter goodness! MMMMmmm! Cocoons, little shortbread logs rolled in confectioner's sugar, are another family favorite.

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