Monday Manners: Rules of a Southern Belle

I know I find “Rules of Southern Belles” all the time, and post them.  I just think they’re so entertaining!  Here is another list I found recently from here, since I haven’t posted a list in awhile.

 Rules of a Southern Belle

-Never wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day.
-Thank you notes are a necessary component of being gracious and appreciative.
-Never chew gum or smoke on the street.
-Never show anger in public. Smile and act like a lady.
-Act helpless and confused when it’s to your advantage; never let them know how clever and capable you really are…
-Charm, Charm, Charm.
-Be elegant and graceful.

This is a pretty concise list.  They’re all so true, but can you think of any more?

I hope y’all had a great weekend!  We were blessed with a blanket of snow this morning, and it is still coming down!  This is so rare here, that we’ve had snow this often in one winter! 

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A little glimpse of how we celebrated on New Year’s Eve…sorry J and B, this was the clearest one of them, elf ears and all!

My friends J and J were nice enough to host us and lend us their sweatshirts, to keep our clothes smoke-free.  We had a blast!


If you’re snowed in today, stay warm and SANE!

My house is wrecked right now, toys everywhere – anything to prevent cabin fever!

12 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Rules of a Southern Belle

  1. Happy New Year! Oh I love those Southern Lady manners! Do you mind if I repost them on my blog sometime? ( They would be perfect!

  2. Oh wow holy snow!!!!! I'm cold just thinking of it. I bet it's beautiful though.
    I just had to LOL at the gum comment. My daughter gets so mad at me cause she says I smack:). I hate to hear people smack so Iust refrain from chewing around people! Ha

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun! Love the list, very true except for us Kentuckians (even though I'm now Floridian) – we don't wear white until after Derby Day. And, I am proud to say, as a south Floridian, I still stick to this rule! I cannot….just cannot and will not wear white pants, skirts, capris or shoes in the winter! 😉

  4. LOVE the list! I also act clueless! I was looking quite confused walking through the theater building (my french class is in there) and the theater people were starring at me. haha! New Years looks fun!!!

  5. I get toys cleaned up only to have GG come and pull everything out moments later! That's life with a toddler I guess! Looks like a fun NYE, great hats!

    Enjoyed the rules…classy and elegant so reminds me of Jackie O.

    Happy Tuesday!

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