Monday Manners: Remember to Say “Trick or Treat”

I hope all of you enjoyed your Halloween weekend.  We had great weather, and such a fun time!  We attended a neighborhood parade that is usually led by a firetruck, but it didn’t show up this year.  Needless to say, the kids still enjoyed the trick-or-treating, without the fire truck.  W learned Halloween manners in preschool last week, how to say “trick-or-treat,” “please,” and “thank you.”  One thing she didn’t learn was to take the candy she was given, and place it in her Halloween bag.  She wanted to eat it right away.  In her words, “I will eat it now.”  One of my sisters (#3 of the 6) came with us, and she rewarded W with a Skittle for every piece of candy she put in her bag, instead of eating it.  It was successful!  Afterward we enjoyed dinner at a friend’s house, and headed home.  Thankfully, W wasn’t on too much of a sugar high, so she went to bed at a decent hour.  The decorations are down – cue the Christmas music!!

The in-laws came to trick-or-treat with the girls.

Gearing up to go to the parade.

Chatting with a friend before trick-or-treating.

My parents came too!  My Dad was snacking on a Jolly Rancher – hence, no smile.
Happy Monday!

22 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Remember to Say “Trick or Treat”

  1. The girls look adorable. It sounds like you had a great Halloween.

    I'm cuing the Christmas music, too. In fact, I'm actually considering taking out a few decorations. Too early??? I just love the holiday season.

    Happy November. "Gooble, gooble!"

  2. E's expression in a bunch of those pictures is too cute…Yes, I'm so ready for the holidays, it's not even funny! I am in the Christmas spirit, for shopping that is, and hope to have most of it done before Turkey Day! Then we'll decorate!

  3. The girls are so cute and have classic costumes on! I bet they'll enjoy dress up in them…too fun! Bet all the parents enjoyed just watching them!!

  4. Adorable costumes. Such pretty girls! And the skittle idea was great!! I was the same way, wanted to eat the candy immediately. My parents used the scare tactic and told us that some bad people put poison in some of the candy so they had to check it all first. I like the Skittle idea better! hehe

  5. So cute!! The wagon is the best trick or treating item. We forgot ours this year and had some complaints!!! Thanks for your sweet comment. xo

  6. A friend's daughter was a polite trick-or-treater and included, "No, thank you. I'm not allowed to take candy from strangers." Bless her heart!

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