Monday Manners: No Free Kitchen Spoons

Many times at our house, our dinners aren’t at the table anymore, they’re TV dinners, you know what I mean…

If you’re one of the few that cannot remember how to set a table, like myself (my debutante leader would be so ashamed), then hopefully this will help you too!

P.S. This is for a basic table setting, nothing formal about it.

Just remember, No Free Kitchen Spoons

(Left to Right)
N: Napkin
F: Fork
K: Knife
S: Spoon

Some basic table settings have a salad fork, just put that in between the napkin and dinner fork.  And remember, the knife blade always faces the plate, so you won’t cut yourself when picking up the spoon.  Not quite sure if this is the real reason, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Hope this helps!  My goal is to have a sit-down meal, at the table, at least once a week.  Hope those of you with hubbies are able to accomplish this.  From my POV, if he came home at a decent hour for dinner, we’d be able to do this more often.  Hopefully, one day!

Good luck!
No Free Kitchen Spoons!

3 thoughts on “Monday Manners: No Free Kitchen Spoons

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder girl! I just came across your blog and so glad I did! It's fabulous! I think it is so fabulous that I tagged you over at my place. Hope your having a great day! I love NC, I lived in Greensboro for 5 years and hated to move. xoxo

  2. Cool! I like that. Also, you can think: knife and spoon both have five letters and so does the word right (so the knife and spoon go on the right side of the plate). Fork and left both have four letters so the fork goes on the left. The fork doesn't want to be by itself so you put the napkin with the fork. 🙂 BUT…now that I know No Free Kitchen Spoons I'll remember it that way.

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