Monday Manners: Keep Your Age to Yourself

A Southern lady never shares her age.
Well, there’s one Southern rule I don’t follow…..yet.
I turned 31 yesterday!

And I’m always in company…
Other Sagitarrians, who share my birthday:

Brad Pitt
For me, it all began with A River Runs Through It

Katie Holmes

A favorite since her Dawson’s Creek days. Anyone wish that show was still on the air?
…even just to see Pacey, not Fringe Pacey…but DC Pacey.
Oh, and not so much a fan of KH after she went off the Scientology deep end.  Poor Suri.

Christina Aguilera

Only really liked her in the beginning…still have Come On Over on one of my work-out playlists.

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones, yes.  More? Jack Sparrow’s dad.  Love those movies.

Steven Spielburg

Jaws, ET, Indiana Jones…need I say more?

Ray Liotta

I know most people remember him from other movies,
but I still loved him the most in Angels in the Outfield.
That is STILL a great movie!


If interested, for a great post I did last year on child-friendly decorating tips for Christmas, click here.

The countdown begins…6 days until Christmas!

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10 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Keep Your Age to Yourself

  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a fantastic day with your little cuties. 31 is so young and certainly not quite to the point to having to hide it. 😉 XO

  2. Good afternoon from L.A.!

    Happy belated birthday wishes! This year has brought you many blessing, may many more come your way in this new year. Merry merry!



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