Monday Manners: In Memory of Nora Ephron, Baublebar and Lilly

Happy Monday, Y’all!  Well, we finally got the rain that everyone around us has been getting.  It started last night, but we honestly needed it, not just for our plants, but to cool things off around here.  It was in the 100s this weekend, so it was nice to wake up to the 70s this morning.  Since the pool will be out of the question today, the kids and I will probably hit up our rounds (which we haven’t done in awhile).  This entails going to our local shopping spot (it’s outside, but the the sidewalk is covered) and going in and out of book stores, toy stores, pet stores and finally, the grocery store.  The puddles will be made for splashing!

How cool is this?  When we were in Greenville about two weeks ago, we ran into this little statue of a wild boar, called Il Porcellino, read below.
Well, wouldn’t you know, my sister sent me this pic not even a week later, this is her husband at the Florence, Italy statue.  So neat!  The newlyweds not only went to Jamaica for their honeymoon about a month ago, but now they’re all over Europe – Florence, Rome, and Santorini, Greece!  Lucky ducks!
Look what arrived to Baublebar!  I know, I know, I already own the orange one…
but I couldn’t resist!  PINK!  Get it before it’s gone!
Peony Elsa Necklace (only $42!)
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Hope y’all have a great start to your week!
Anyone doing anything fun for the 4th??
We’re headed to a neighbors’ backyard barbecue!

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  1. I had a (former screenplay writer) as a professor. He dated Nora for some time. Lots of stories about life in Hollywood. Interesting semester!! (Wish I had written it all down! 🙂

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